Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls & corrieanne.com On Facebook!

So I finished the pumpkin cinnamon rolls I was supposed to make for my overnight guests:

pumpkin cinnamon rolls maple cream cheese frosting

I guess baking cinnamon rolls for company is my thing. These are a day late because their two-year-old woke up a little bit on the early side (or I woke up late!!!), and I didn’t want to keep them waiting for an hour or two for cinnamon rolls. So I just stuck the dough in the fridge and hoped for the best! It worked out fine! I just set the dough out when I got up this morning and let it rise again for a loooong time.

I always like to do elaborate baking, but I need someone other than Kevin to pawn it off on!! He sampled them tonight, but he’s going to take the rest into the office tomorrow!

pippa sleepy dog

I took this sleepy girl out to run a 5k before heading to open gym. Gotta get my October 100 miles in!! 

I had about 45 minutes to spend at open gym and I worked on mobility, pull-ups, handstand push-ups, and double unders.

I actually pr’ed on two things today 61 unbroken double unders and 4 kipping pull–ups. I’m slowly getting there with those pull-ups. Oh so slowly.

double starbucks day

I had double Starbucks today!! I’m still loaded with birthday Starbucks $$$$, and it seemed like a particularly brutal Monday. I drank the Skinny Vanilla Latte right away and put the iced Americano in the fridge to save and drink while watching Jeopardy!!!! Could I make a nerdier plan if I tried? Both drinks are only 95 calories, but lattes are not paleo. I’m surprised that I actually am more likely to eat dairy then bread/other extra carbs! Don’t care!!!!!

I actually had to work a few hours today before going to the 7PM wod. I peeked at the board during open gym so I knew what I had coming — boooo.

amrap 10mins

  • 7 deadlifts
  • 7 hang power cleans
  • 7 front squats
  • 7 shoulder to overhead
  • 7 toes 2 bar

The first 4 moves are like a barbell complex — meaning, you are supposed to do them without putting the bar down. Ow. I had a bar with 75lbs and that’s 28 reps. I hated this workout, but that’s why I went in to do it. And the toes to bar are not a rest either. I asked if we could run 800’s instead, but no luck. I finished 3 + 16 @ 75lbs. I need to figure out what my problem is with hang power cleans. I can clean 105 from the ground without much of an issue, but the 75 from above the knee was killing me because I’m just muscling it up. Oops!!! Something else to work on during open gym, I suppose!

post wod bliss

Post-wod bliss.

taco salad turkey

Taco salad with ground turkey for dinner and a few Garden of Eatin’ Sweet Potato chip crumbs!! Kevin and I could probably eat taco salads every week night.

puppies like guacamole wholly

The puppies are big fans of the new Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packets!!! They’re lickable!

And guess what’s up — after my many years of blogging, I finally decided my blog should have a Facebook page.

corrienne.com facebook

Yes, the 5 people who like it so far probably all share my maiden name, but I know you want to be next. You can like my page here.  I’m kind of excited because I don’t post a lot on my personal page because I try to tone down things like my CrossFit exuberance so I don’t annoy all my friends. But if you like my Facebook page, you’re just asking for it. :)  And I mean that with love. Please do it so I look like less of a loser. If you feel like it. You never know what kind of insider info you might get……………. Haha.

What do you eat for dinner MOST regularly? When I was a senior in college — flamin’ hots & fountain pop. Mid-twenties, “pita pizzas”, and old twenties — taco salads!!

Have you ever ordered two Starbucks drinks for yourself? I can’t be the only one. Or can I?!?! It’s worth it!!!

Do you think you ever annoy people with being a fan of fitness/healthy eating/going to bed early? Yes. I don’t try to because hey, it’s not like I’m perfect or I’ve always been like this. I probably drink too much coffee. Haha.  And people have their own methods and priorities  and are in different stages of life, blah, blah, blah. No, I mean it. :)

Cookie Friday: Pumpkin Oatmeal Scotchies + Mini Chili Cornbread Skillets

Happy Cookie Friday!!! It’s been cold & rainy today so I spent the afternoon cooking & baking up some comfort foods.
pumpkin oatmeal scotchies

I made Kevin pumpkin oatmeal scotchies using this recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod. They turned out great, and not too pumpkin-y (poofy!!). Kevin didn’t even realize there was pumpkin in them until I told him! That’s probably for the bet since he just like things to be “normal.”

Kevin is finally home. He was gone for almost two full weeks traveling for work. I hate living alone. I slept with both dogs in bed and all the lights on. Haha.  And I ate a few of those happy meals. Haha.

I made some paleo pumpkin chili for dinner:

skillet paleo chili

And then totally ruined the paleo (but definitely not the taste!!!) it by topping it with the wonderful blue Jiffy cornbread + bacon + jalapeño.

cornbread chili bacon jalapeno

And DONE!!

chili cornbread pan


Maybe I’ll try it again someday with “paleo cornbread”, but I wasn’t in the mood for all those eggs today. I made two skillets, but they were way too big for one person. Even us — we’re big eaters!! Yay leftovers!!

Today’s wod: 

Stength: Push Press — worked my way up to 1RM of 125lbs

3 rounds — 60 seconds each AMRAP

I scored 173, 180, & 190. I think the battle ropes really have a learning curve so I always improve on them throughout the rounds. I always tried to get as many reps on them as possible since they were definitely the easiest reps. It was a good a workout after a tough week.

I’m excited to finally go back to CrossFit with Kevin tomorrow morning! It’s so fun going as a couple!!! And I miss all my evening class friends since I’ve been going during the day lately, and I get to see them on the weekend!

Have a great weekend!!! :)

P.S. My favorite fall cookie are these Pumpkin Gingersnaps!

Right On Schedule

Good news. I’m right on schedule as far as my birthday cake eating plans.

We had the Gigi’s cupcakes over the weekend, and Kevin is baking my Funfetti cake right now. It smells so good. Next weekend is for ice cream cake. The only pro to having my birthday on a Tuesday is that we’re stretching it out over two weekends. That and new Lululemon stuff always comes out on Tuesdays. :)

kevin baking my cake

What a good husband. Isn’t that a cute face? He learned it from me….


Man, I really hope if we have kids someday they have blue eyes. And freckles. :) I’m confident that my genes will triumph.


Hanging out with Pippa while Kevin bakes. We’ve been talking about how we need a little table in the kitchen. For now we use the floor.

taco salad bowl sweet potato chips

We love taco salad dinner bowls with my favorite coleslaw, of course! It’s better now that we’re not all paleo and whatnot because I can have sweet potato tortilla chips — I favor the Garden of Eatin’ brand. Kevin contents himself with Red Hot Blues since he’s a sweet potato hater.

So I have to confess that we have a LOT of good snacks in the house right now…. if not during birthday month, when???

three twins ice cream

This ice cream is amazing. But it made me realize that I might need a frivolous porcelain ice cream pint holder like this:

anthro ice cream pint holder

That’s worth the cupboard space, right? My mom would definitely say no! Depends how often you eat pints of ice cream!

Want to know what I eat more than ice cream? Pancakes.

fluffy coconut flour pancakes

Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes 2.0.

You can even make them while you’re in the shower because they take a long time to cook properly. I do this often. I also set of the smoke alarm on a daily basis. Pippa wishes I would cut that out anytime now.

Okay, one more snack I have on hand:

chicago mix

This stuff is so good. It’s like those Christmas tins!!!! Without the plain butter kind that nobody wants. Better yet, Kevin prefers the caramel, and I prefer the cheese!!! Yay!!!!!!

Okay, I still workout too. Sunday afternoon we went to our old gym AKA the club. It’s not staffed on Sundays which means there’s nobody there to yell at me when I think it’s a good idea to run a mile on the treadmill while holding a 25lb kettlebell.

kettlebell treadmill

Haha. I’m being totally serious. I switched hands every tenth of a mile, but it was still killing my grip after a while. So after .5, I’d have to put it in the clean position. I don’t really know if people were giving me strange looks. I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

We also went to CrossFit tonight even though I was crazy sore from Karen.


amrap 12mins
9 power cleans
6 pushpress
9 pull-ups (jumping)

I used 95lbs, and it was heavy. Lol. I’m obviously not 1 rep maxing it for reals  at 110lbs on my push presses if I can do that workout @ 95. I did 4 rounds + 2 cleans.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for my birthday wod!!! I gave some input, but my coaches have been teasing me about it so we’ll see!!!

my biz

My biz is right on schedule as well — I knew I’d pick up some new students in September, and it appears I’ve made some good connections in my neighborhood. I also recently joined some professional organizations (MTNA, CMTA, and AMTA) so I’m excited about that as well.

My students are all required to fill out these practice sheets this year since I’m super organized. I told them I would do it myself as well — even scales. And not-so-favorite genres like jazz & pop. Keeping up my August goals into the next month. :)

What’s the best snack you’ve had lately? So many good ones. But I’ll admit that I’m ready for a break from sugar again after my birthday is over. I’m old.

Cheese or caramel corn? Cheese.

Who is the last person who baked you a cake? Who’s the last person YOU baked a cake for? People should bake each other cakes more often!!!!!! I’ve made Kevin James some cakes, and I made one for a friend’s birthday a while back. I feel inspired to do it more.

Cookie Friday: Toasted Almond Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Sea Salt

After a brief hiatus, we’re back to Cookie Fridays!!!! I REALLY missed baking while I was on the paleo challenge. 

cookie friday cookies almond chocolate chunk

I used this recipe from Ambitious Kitchen as a guide. Unfortunately, my kitchen is not ambitious. More like lazy.

So that explains why this happened:

bad bad cookie

That is a BAD cookie. In fact, I’m certain it’s the worst cookie I’ve ever made. Thankfully, I was a little suspicious so I actually made a test cookie (which I rarely do: lazy!!!).

I neglected two crucial steps in the recipe. Really 3-4!

  1. I didn’t brown the butter.
  2. I bought light brown sugar instead of dark.
  3. I didn’t have any milk so I just used two full eggs (really a violation of two directions).

But it ended well. Really well!! All I did was add some more flour, and chill the dough a little bit longer! Kevin is going to be so surprised when he comes home!!! Yay. I felt like something was missing in our relationship when we could only eat meats, vegetables, and healthy fats. I’m not even kidding!!!

Here’s some more fatty food. Maybe not “healthy fats.” I call it “happy fats.”

breadsticks tony p's denver

Date Night last night was at Tony P’s in the Highlands. I think I might actually gain weight from paleo backlash. Haha. Kidding. I’m going to clean it up… after this weekend.

Now, I LOVE bread sticks. Almost more than pizza. What’s up with so many pizza places just having “garlic bread.” That’s for the birds. Or the ducks! I want bread sticks. And more than 4. Haha.

sausage ricotta pizza tony p's

We ordered the Sausage Ricotta Pizza. It was delicious, but we saved room for dessert!

dq blizzards

Yay blizzards. DQ always reminds me of being back home in Minnesota… back where Kevin and me come from, that’s about the ONLY fast food type restaurant in town. That and Subway!

I had the Double Fudge Cookie Dough, and Kevin had the Butterfingers. My husband ADORES the “new” way the blizzard flavors are organized on the menu. He kept exclaiming,”It’s just so much more user-friendly.” Kevin would probably put them in spreadsheet. Haha.

Just an FYI, in case anyone wants to know — every time we’ve been at the DQ on 38th, a fire truck has pulled up and firemen have gotten out to get some ice cream.

Mmm… The good news is the good times on Thursday night didn’t ruin my Friday wod!!!

Today’s wod:

Strength — 1 rep max on push press: 110lbs (5lb pr)

  • 12-9-6 push presses @ 75lbs
  • 35 double unders in between each set


(push press)

My time — 3:13!

That was my fastest wod ever!!!!! AND NO MODIFICATIONS !!! That makes me happy because most of the time I have to do like jumping pull-ups or handstand push-ups on the box so I don’t feel like my score really “counts.” I would’ve actually broken 3 minutes, but I had a hard time getting into the rhythm on my first set of double unders. For some reason, it always takes a minute for me to adjust to the noise during the wod before I can get my double under rhythm going. I’ll be curious to see if anyone beats that on the board this afternoon. Honestly, the weight felt too easy. A guy next to me who was trying to catch me told me that he doesn’t think 110lbs is my true 1 rep max for push presses. I’m sure he’s right, but I’m building it up slowly because I still don’t feel that comfortable with barbells.

We are off to the Rockies game tonight!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

What’s your favorite blizzard flavor? I want that brownie batter one back!! I also love cherry dipped cones.

Do you follow the directions in recipes? I try to follow the spirit of the recipe. Haha.

What’s one word that would describe your kitchen? Lazy. Happy. Messy. Puppy-full. Also, my kitchen is for dancing.

Monday Is For Monster Brookies!

A little treat I promised Kevin to celebrate the end of our paleo challenge:

monster brookies

One layer brownies + One layer monster cookies!!

I used this amazing recipe from Something Swanky with two exceptions: First, I am extremely lazy so I definitely made the brownie layer from a box.

brownies box

Secondly, I didn’t include corn syrup in the cookie dough layer. I just don’t have any, and it doesn’t seem like a good thing to keep in my cupboards, you know what I mean???

best cookie dough

Love this cookie dough.

layering them on

Layering it up!

boyd and pippa beaters

The dogs get the beaters when Kevin isn’t home. Yeah, there’s already a spoon on the floor. These things happen when you own spoiled dogs.

Good news:

library duchess woodbury denver public libraries

I’m the Duchess at the library! And that’s just ONE of the libraries go to regularly. I have 26 items out, and ZERO fines/overdues. That’s an accomplishment!!!!

Here’s a totally weird book I read recently:

van bingen

It just sucked me in. I was angry when I had to put it down to teach a piano lesson!! Haha. Definitely read it in one day once I picked it up despite its dull cover. I’ve taken a few classes on Church History, and although I’m not Catholic, I’d heard of Hildegard Von Bingen once or twice.  She had some CRAZY stuff happen to her!  She lived in medieval times and was “tithed” to the church by her family, and ended up being bricked into two small rooms for YEARS with a rich lady who wanted to be an anchorite. How horrifying is that??? I had a hard time breathing while I was reading that part. Of course, this is a novel based on her life, but that part definitely happened. The part after she finally gets out is a little boring, and I’m super skeptical of all the mysticism. But it was fascinating!!

I’ve gotten through a lot more books lately because I’ve started reading when I’m supposed to be going to bed… it does help me fall asleep. If the book is boring. Otherwise I sometimes accidentally end up reading the whole thing. Oops!!

What have you been baking and/or reading?! I have to admit that I’m pretty happy I’m at home today — school started in my neighborhood today. I was walking, sending invoices while drinking coffee, baking, going to the library, eating sweet potato fries, blogging, etc. Tomorrow I go into serious piano teacher mode which is actually pretty great too. :)

P.S. Here are my To Read and Read In 2013 boards… feel free to share yours.

Cookie Friday: Petite Mint & Double Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The dough:

petite mint chocolate chip cookies

Yeah, those ingredients were just a little embarrassing to buy on our post-Date Night run to Sprouts!

The baker:

the baker corrie anne

And Pippa circling as always.


All of a sudden, I got really popular. I promise I didn’t feed the dogs any chocolate!

boyd jumping for cookies

The Boykin jumping hysterically. That’s really hilarious to watch.

mad scramble

The dogs doing their typical mad scramble for whatever may have landed on the floor. Pippa beats Boyd every time, but we make her share. Yes, my mouth is wide open because I’m doing the,”Ohh, Pippa you’re so pretty” bit.

petite mint double chocolate chip cookies

The cookies!!! I used this recipe for Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies, but substituted Petite Mints for Sno-Caps to make them more colorful. You know what’s interesting? This recipe called for 2 tsp of corn starch! I’ve never tried that in a recipe, but she listed it as one of her tips. As well as the classic do not overbake!!!!! I neglected to follow the last tip to use dark brown instead of light brown sugar. As a result, these cookies look like they need a tan. But I seriously doubt that my husband will discriminate. :)

Do you like those Petite Mints? If so, I don’t recommend reading the ingredients….  there are many, and the only recognizable one is sugar. Haha. But they are cute!

What’s your favorite kind of chip in a cookie? Dark chocolate for sure, but I also like butterscotch (in oatmeal scotchies) Haha, I apparently ate cheetos on a salad that day. And Kevin was still in grad school — don’t miss that!!!!

What are you doing this weekend? We are thrilled to be staying home, but I’m sure we will come up with some projects! I want to take the dogs swimming!! But that’s a perilous exercise since neither of them are really up for off-leashing!

P.S. Also check out Sally’s recipe for One Giant Monster Cookie!

midwest fun

Hey, so I’m in Minnesota!!!

But before I left, I whipped up a double batch of butterfinger monster cookies. It’s Kevin’s birthday week, plus he had to stay behind in Colorado to work a few more days so I was feeling extra nice.

butterfinger monster cookie dough

It also happens to make the best cookie dough ever!!!

peanut butter nose boyd

I shared some pb with the dogs, and Boyd managed to get some stuck on his nose. I couldn’t even get Pippa to think about licking it off!! I don’t even want to know where it ended up!

I didn’t forget my travel gym:

travel gym wod

Jump rope, lacrosse ball, and pull-up bands. For some reason, Kevin insisted that I leave the dumbbells & kettlebells at home! :)

corrie kevin

Kevin went for one last walk together before I headed to the airport — and very romantically got caught in the rain. :) We had to duck under a tree for a few minutes because it was really pouring!

sisters mall of america

The next thing you know, I was at Mall of America with my sassy little sisters. DIA –> MSP is a super quick flight! I love it! And yeah, they’re really my sisters 100%. Yes, there is a slight age gap.  ;)

mirror maze mall of america

The girls were really excited to check out The Amazing Mirror Maze. We had fun hanging out in there (hiding from AJ was especially hilarious), and I must confess that I ran into a few mirrored walls!!

healthy food mall of america

We ate some super healthy food. Haha. I did my best with a salad from Chipotle, but my sisters were all about the pizza and the Happy Meal!

american girl doll store moa

And we definitely couldn’t leave without stopping in to window shop at the American Girl Doll store. The AG empire is insane!!!!

We made it back to Wabasha in time to whip up this for my dad on Father’s day:

fathers day cake

Triple-chocolate cherry bars for my dad who loves cherry pie filling!!

mcmillin run club

One of my favorite parts about visiting Minnesota is always running with my fam! My sister-in-law Lisa is training for the Tough Mudder so she’s newest addition to our bunch. No way we could have dragged Hannah out with us last year at this time either, but she did awesome in xc and track!! And of course, my dad can still school us all. :)

Can’t wait for Kevin to join us tomorrow to begin his birthday & our anniversary celebrations!!!!!!!

Also, I MISS MY DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you consider your home town/state? When’s the last time you visited? Minnesota — and I’m here right now. :)

Have you been to MOA? What was your favorite part? So worth a little weekend trip to MN if you haven’t been there!! It’s just fun. Plus no sales tax on clothes… at least for now!