the last bar fight

The sweetest & prettiest dog in the whole wide world:

pippa cita

Yes, I am crazy about my dog. I love her so much, and it’s been so good for me to have her by my side (more like glued to my side) while I’m working on the whole making new human friends thing. I’m thrilled that we are just hanging out at home this weekend – I need the quiet!

Sooo… I totally called it two weeks in a row on what the wod was going to be. I knew we couldn’t go six weeks without BURPEES!!!!!! Luckily, I kinda love burpees. 95lb squat cleans, I do not love or even like.


7 minutes AMRAP

  • 3 squat cleans @ 95lbs
  • 3 burpee bar hops
  • 6 squat cleans
  • 6 burpee bar hops
  • 9 squat cleans
  • 9 burpee bar hops
  • 12 squat cleans
  • 12 burpee bar hops
  • 15 squat cleans
  • 15 burpee bar hops… and so on… for 7 minutes

burpee bar hops

I made it through the round of 12 squat cleans & 12 burpees, and then pushed through the pain for 3 more reps of squat cleans at the end. Those last three were some of the most excruciating work I have ever done at CrossFit. Those pics are never getting posted on the internet. In fact, let me delete them right now. Haha.

I was once again assigned the coach who loves to no-rep me. Haha. (just kidding, he has been super encouraging). But he actually no repped me on burpee (meaning that I have to do the rep over)! Luckily, he told me right away before I even jumped up so I just flopped back down. The CrossFit standard for burpees is that your chest & thighs both have to touch the ground, and I was a little high. When I corrected it, I accidentally banged my chin against the floor. Ow. Smooth, but it was a rep!!!! So 63 reps total for me.

my crossfit bff

My CrossFit BFF really had a good chance to get a win. She RULES at anything with the barbell. Her front & back squats have like 30-40lbs on me. I stood in front of her and screamed the whole time “QUICK ON THE BURPEES! DOWN & UP!!!” Haha. I knew if she could crank them out, she could beat me. She ended up making it through 60 reps, only 3 less than me. So we took 1st & 2nd for the night. You can check out all of the other bar fights on the CrossFit page. I didn’t really love any of the workouts…  they were all short couplets & triplets. I like a good long endurance workout! Give me a chipper!!! Still haven’t registered for the Open… It looks like you still can….

Well, here’s something that’s the opposite of CrossFit & paleo:

chocolate lucky charms

We had some leftover milk from my sister’s visit, and we bought SUGAR CEREAL!!! IT’S AMAZING!!!  Almost as good as Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs. Haha. I probably haven’t had milk & cereal in over 6 months!! If not longer. It was like the best treat ever, but it’s definitely the worst ever when it comes to portion control. A box = 2 servings, in my opinion!! I won’t get into the habit of buying cereal, but I really enjoyed it.

Kevin is doing a lot of little house projects today including building me some more shelves!!!!! Since I’m having to rearrange, I snapped a pic of the books I’ve read so far in 2014 for the #emptyshelfchallenge!

empty shelf challenge 2014

Missing two books I read on my Kindle – The Fault in Our StarsThe Rosie Project.

fitbit house cleaning

I’m still super dedicated to my fitbit, and I managed to get 2.83 miles yesterday INDOORS while cleaning house. I had a LOT of laundry to do (in the basement) and just general cleaning & organization . Not my favorite job, but I feel so much calmer now that it’s done.  :)

What’s the worst pic of yourself ever? Bonus colors if you link to it… haha. My face during those last 3 squat cleans was not cute. And one time at Deidre’s painting her cupboards, sitting on top of her refrigerator… hahahahaha. Remember that, Deidre? Also, some of my extremely questionable Dominican hair colors.

Awesome related links: Lucky Charms Ice Cream Sandwiches & Rainbow Dessert Shooters  I think I need to make one of those two for St.Patrick’s Day!!!!!!!

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PicMonkey Collage

Turn Up The Tunes

I had a new cereal this week that I thought you should know about.

I thought it was going to be SUPER exotic with the almonds, pumpkin seeds, flakes, & clusters. In fact, I was still fooled after the first day, thinking that all the good stuff had sunk to the bottom of the box. Such an optimist. 3 days into it, I think it just has an underwhelming amount of goods. Mostly flakes. It’s still good, but I’ve been measuring out just a cup because I feel the calorie count is a little on the high side. Kevin got a banana flavor that I think is mostly just a repackaging of their old Banana Nut Crunch. But what am I to say? It worked on us!

Today’s WOD:

Well, my workout energy has been low this week. I think I’m still on birthday/anniversary cake hangover!! Is that even possible!?!?! So I decided to try this experiment from One Fit Foodie. The general idea is that you choose a set a moves and perform As Many Rounds As Possible for the duration of the song.

Here’s what mine looked like… No need judge the music choices. I don’t really have music on my phone so I had to rely on Pandora. Otherwise there’d probably be some Enrique.

Loca – Shakira

Cupid Shuffle

It Girl – Jason Derulo

Waka, Waka – Shakira

Call Me Maybe

Not sure why I have that weird Bambi look, but I chose it over the smile for you guys.

I was surprised that I only made it through about 2 rounds per song. Even a bit less on the burpee broad jumps round!! It took a little planning — I scribbled out ideas while I was doing a little warm-up walk on the treadmill. I browsed through and found a bunch of the moves on the Nike Training Club app (FREE!!! AWESOME!!!).

Afterwards, I jogged it out and did a few random sprints.

I actually found some decent avocados so we’ve been enjoying them with little taco salads.

Here’s a nice idea I found while Kevin was being responsible and paying for our groceries:

That, my friends, is straight from Diabetic Living! But it’s a good idea, especially for people who really prefer not to drink water.

What’s your favorite workout music? I mostly listen to Pandora stations, but I should put music on my iPod because I’m a chronic skipper and the commercials cause treadmill rage!

Favorite cereal? I’m wishing for those PB Cheerios back in my life.

Healthiest cereal? We’ve been eating a lot more eggs & oatmeal lately because I’m not impressed with most cereals. But this week Kevin has been dragging me to work like a half hour earler — those are cereal days!!!

One of Those Mornings…

I’m tired of naming things Newlywed Diet Number ___ … so I’ve upgraded to using more fascinating post titles like the one you see above.

I loosed the Boyd Monster on the girls this morning when I decided it was time for them to wake up. Doesn’t he look like a doll on the bottom right? Really, he was absolutely wild and licking them like crazy!!!!!!!

We woke up this morning to find that the refrigerator door had been left open. The food was actually WARM to the touch. Not just not cold. Warm. For once, I was not the culprit, but I shall leave her unnamed. That was not a pleasant start to our day. I had to send the husband out for milk for our breakfast cereal and replacement chicken for the lunch I had planned for Deidre Marie.

I had to eat my breakfast all by my lonesome this morning due to all the craziness, and I let the little girlies sleep in. Cascadian Farms Chocolate O’s x2 + apples. Deidre and I practiced making some homemade goldfish crackers for her son’s upcoming first birthday bash. We’re making them in a secret surprise fun shape. Really, it’s only a secret surprise because I didn’t get any great pictures. :)

This active guy kept us company while we “worked.”


The Newlywed Diet – Day 7 – July 11, 2011

Back in the saddle! I slept in with the girls while poor Kevin James went off to win the bread.

Today’s meals were pretty simple. I started off with two bowls of Kashi Honey Puffs.

Lunch was PB2 + honey on wheat with cottage cheese and apples.

My afternoon snackable snack was some sugar-free chocolate pudding. Not pictured: while we made dinner, I snacked on a decent amount of Cheddar Sun Chips.

Dinner was grilled hamburgers, baked beans, and baked fries! Iced coffee for dessert. I need to rush out of here to get some qt with my double h after a long day with the girls! :) More vegetables tomorrow, I promise! I already have some lined up. And I’m excited about my breakfast…