Monogram Mugs + Beautiful Bunting

Here’s a cute little photo (via Project Wedding) to tuck you in tonight!

Let’s ignore those strangers on the right and focus on the beauty of two of my faves: monograms and bunting. Also, are those violets I spy with my little eye?

The end of the year social events are killing me right now. Tonight, we had a lovely evening out at Papa John’s. I literally can’t remember how many pieces of pizza I scarfed down, but it was so delicious and totally worth it. A breadstick is definitely worth a kilometer on the treadmill! Tomorrow evening is a sort of going away party with the ladies from my church. And Saturday is the big party at my house. I’m trying to dream up some cost-effective baked goods for a large group of people. Put that on your internet browsing agenda for tomorrow please, and get back to me.

P.S. Happy Sean Is Coming Day!

How Would You Describe Yourself in Three Words?

I’ve been lurking around Shanna Murray’s website trying to think of an excuse to buy one of her sweet chalkboard decals and (of course) incorporate somehow into the wedding.

Today I noticed this brief description of Shanna on the home page and wondered how I would describe myself. I want to steal “optimist” because I really like that one although I’m not sure it’s always true. I also really like the font! I would’ve considered that script for the invitations. :)

So, how would you describe yourself in three words?

Time to go teach second graders songs about boa constrictors!

My Dream Chairs

Okay. I’ll admit that might be a bit of a stretch because I had NO IDEA that I had dream chairs until I came across these today on decor8.

I’ve been a lifelong fan of mismatched style chairs. À la Friends:

These are like the 2011 Etsy version! Available on from namedesignstudio.

You just have to pay to ship them from Turkey. No biggie! We were looking to update from the bachelor futon, right Kevin James?

In other news, my bread pudding went over famously at the bridal shower. A little too famously. I only took home one piece which I promptly devoured while standing at the kitchen counter.

This afternoon I ordered some baby gits and my future MIL’s birthday gift. I wish I could show them here because they are AWESOME, but my biggest stalker is one of the recipients…

Hi Friday!

I’m so incredibly thankful. This has been a long week packed with extra music rehearsals for my students followed by sticky cupcake celebrations and impromptu kickball games. I’ve been a wee bit stressed, and I’m having a pink eye scare.

Last night something unusual happened. There was definitely a small earthquake. I was talking on the phone with Kevin James when I felt it. I totally tweaked. However, nobody else in my house felt it! We’re all from the Midwest so sometimes the possibility of something being an earthquake occurs to us rather slowly. I ran into the other room where my roommate’s sisters was quite contentedly reading and was like,” DID YOU FEEL SOMETHING?” She just looked at me like I was insane. But sure enough, it was all over Facebook. You can always count on your students to make lame comments and status updates during things like that, but at least it confirmed that I wasn’t crazy!

Here are a few cool things (that nobody but me cares about) to get your Friday kicked off:

Disposable push-pop containers now available from this etsy store.

In rainbow cookie form.

Simple rustic wedding decor: frames + lights

And canoodling. With filthy feeet.

Enjoy your Fridays. I’m going to dinner tonight for one of the last times with one of the seniors. We’re going to Chili’s! Hooray for American food!