The Secret Is Out

In case you missed it, Kevin and I are expecting a baby sometime in late January or early February 2015. That means I’m about 16 weeks along, and I’ve been pregnant alllll summer.

Was it hard to keep the secret? Not at all. Man, I am introvert, and I love it when people just mind their own beeswax. By everyones’ shocked responses, I don’t think anyone guessed before we told them. In fact, I seriously considered hashtagging it #imserious because everyone has acted so shocked when I told them. Why? I don’t know. I’ve always said I want to have kids… I’m just not enthusiastic about pregnancy… or babies….. I’ll have to work on that.

I shared the news with the fam when we were in Minnesota last month, but if we didn’t already have that trip planned, we probably would have waited until this week or so to share. It helped that I was in denial half the time, okay, I still am sometimes!!! I put off going to the doctor at all for a long time because there’s not much they can do during the first trimester anyways so I didn’t feel like it was even officially confirmed until the middle of July.

Here’s what I looked like this week at about 15 weeks. Is that post-vacation chub? OR A BABY!?! Haha. I look a lot more pregnant in my CrossFit clothes and sweats, and some of my teaching clothes have gotten inappropriately short. But as long as I was careful what I wore in front of people who didn’t know yet, I was golden. I’ve definitely gained some weight, but I unfortunately (maybe fortunately!) really don’t know how much since I hadn’t weighed myself in a long time before I found out I was pregnant. I do look a little tired, but maybe I just needed to wash my face. We’ll never know.

14-15 weeks

So I WILL be sharing about my whole pregnancy experience on the blog, because hey, I want to. Not about the gross, TMI parts, more about the paleo-ish, CrossFitting, and my emo feelings!!!! I’ve actually been probably the most sad not to blog about this as it’s been happening because my blog helps me remember things! Oh well, I’ve been keeping mental notes so I have many related posts planned. If you’re not interested, you’re more than welcome to pass. I’m not one of those people who think pregnancy is the most beautiful part of life! Ha!!! But I always liked reading other peoples’ (censored!) experiences, and that’s part of what helped me think… okay, fine, I can manage this… someday… and then it happened. And I was like… uh oh.

Let me just get this out of the way… the WORST part of being pregnant is cutting back on caffeine. I love caffeine. I love to drink coffee all. day. long. So when I’m the most tired, I get to drink the least caffeine? That’s just a bad idea!!!!!! And you know my inner unhealthy child loves Diet Coke. In fact!!!!!!

diet coke mom and dad

I got THE MOM CAN one day, and I was seriously thinking about using that as part of my pregnancy announcement. Like, hey, I finally found one with my name on it! Get it? Because C-o-r-r-i-e is NEVER going to be on a Coke can. But then those other people rudely stole my idea with their little video that went sort of viral and a lot of people posted on my Facebook feed. BOO!!!!!!! Oh well. I felt sort of bad about promoting Diet Coke. You know I’ve never been able to totally banish my undying love for it despite what a home wrecker it is on my typically paleo-ish clean diet.

So, moving on! Kevin and I are not planning on going the traditional doctor/hospital route. Today we went to an orientation for a birth center/midwifery down in the South Denver suburbs.

la polleria denver pollo saltado

I’m not thrilled about the place’s location, but it seems amazing. But a perk is that it’s down by one of our old favorite restaurants (from when we lived in Greenwood Village like the foolish newbies we were), La Polleria. This time I ordered the pollo saltado which is basically chicken stir fry over french fries. You can’t tell me that’s not PURE GENIUS. I didn’t get a picture of it but their spicy aji sauce is amazing. It’s the best. I hate going to the doctor in any form so Kevin said we could eat here every time I have to go in. Haha.

The orientation was pretty hilarious to me. First of all, it was in this teeny tiny, room without air conditioning. STUFFED full of pregnant people! There were like 50 people in there. And one bathroom located directly behind the corner where I was crammed in. Haha. They basically regurgitated everything they have posted on their website which is a little annoying, but I guess some people don’t read. Trust me, I wouldn’t take a road trip for a place if I haven’t read every single word on their website. And about them on Yelp. And every outside source I could find. But still some good stuff was said. She said that they encourage pregnant people to be as active as possible because you are preparing for a serious endurance event. Yeahhhhhh. And she also mentioned how they focus on diet because so many things can be prevented with a healthy diet.  Yeahhhh. Preaching to the choir.  The lady also mentioned something about how Western women tend not to squat enough in their daily lives so they’re not prepared to labor in some of the best positions. Haha. Squats!!!!!!!!!! I do a few. They’re good for everything!!!! So anyways, I’m definitely planning to go with them if everything works out (you have to be considered a low-risk pregnancy which I definitely intend to be). They really have their act together. Oh my gosh. The best part is that they send you home after the birth in 4-6 hours. If you know how much I love being at home, you will totally get how much I love that part!!!!

So it’s late, and I’m done for now. But I’ll be back to talk about the first few months and whatnot. I can partially sum it up by saying I’ve felt really awesome. Super thankful because I know it’s not always like that, but I’ll take it while I can get it. Thanks for all the nice stuff everyone has been saying. Have I mentioned that I’m hoping for a GIRL!!!! I know you’re supposed to say that you just want a healthy baby, and that’s true. But I want that healthy baby to be a girl. Haha. It’s fine, I don’t think my future child will be offended if he’s a boy. I’m most likely going to find out in a few weeks here so I have time to pretend I wanted a boy all along if that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

P.S. I made a baby page. It should really like a pregnancy page, but I don’t like saying/seeing that word all the time. And all the euphemisms are pretty unsavory as well, particularly those of the Midwestern variety. Can’t even bring myself to type them. There’s not a chance I’m sharing the baby’s name before it’s born, no way, so I can’t use that. Maybe we’ll come up with a nickname at some point. 


Lifting, Listening, & Reading

I had fun picking this up a few times last night:

dead lift 255 lbs crossfit pr.jpg

That’s my actual bar. I was pretty excited after my 2 rep pr and decided the bar looked “cute” with all those plates on it. 2 reps at 255lbs, and it went up pretty easily (at least compared to my other lifts). I think I’ve finally learned a thing or two about setting up really well before I lift it. It almost reminds me of teaching piano because I’m constantly telling my students to take a second and think about what’s coming up before they start playing. And piano requires getting your hands in the right position too. :)

I actually wasn’t expecting a pr because I was tired, and I was dumb and wore capris. I hate doing dead lifts without socks or pants. I can’t believe it, but I didn’t scar my legs for summer (yet). We were also pretty rushed so I made big jumps which is usually not ideal for me since I’m super slow to warm up and putting plates on the bar is a lot of work! I did 135-185-215-245-255. So hooray!! I’m working for 300 sometime soon-ish!!!

The wod was 3 rounds for time — 15 dead lifts @ 140 + max effort 400m run, 90 second rest. That’s my jam. I think I did 2:34, 2:33, 2:55. Something close to that.

And now a confession:

diet coke love


Yeah, my 21DSD is officially over! And I’ve had Diet Coke! I know this is very sad, but the 2 things I missed the most were Diet Coke & Skinny Vanilla Lattes. I guess I have acquired the taste to like chemicals over calories/sugar. I particularly miss it in restaurants. Ordering water stinks. Don’t make fun, most Colorado people have tricked themselves into liking the taste of beer. That has to take a lot of work. :) And yes, I know it’s ridiculous to avoid chemicals in everything else and then go drink a Diet Coke.

I’ve also had some dark chocolates and Starbucks once, but I really haven’t gone too crazy. I went to Sprouts to shop for the week, and I bought exactly 1 thing that wasn’t 21DSD — Lara Bars which are mostly for Kevin to take to work. I haven’t exactly decided my plan of attack yet, but I mostly just don’t want to keep things at home (especially DC). Weekdays are still pretty easy for me to eat right, so I’ll need a plan before the weekend!!

I’ll do a recap on the whole 21DSD experience soon. Spoiler: it was good, and you should try it.

the girl you left behind

Working on The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Meyes. I knew I shouldn’t read it before bed last night. The first portion of the book is about a family living in German-occupied France during 1916, and it’s stressful. I didn’t have nightmares, but I was super restless. I should have just finished it. I have about 250 pages left to go, but that’s never stopped me before. :)

modern mrs darcy podcasts

This was a great post from Modern Mrs.Darcy on her favorite podcasts. Gives me a little bit of variety from listening to every single back episode of Balanced Bites. :) I especially love Office Hours with Dan Pink, and I was unsurprisingly drawn to the episode on introverts with author Susan Cain.

Did you know that one of the reasons introverts dislike small talk so much might be that we don’t have strong short term memories? It’s difficult for us to quickly think of something to say about nothing. Also, A listener called in who was frustrated that her company was hiring all extroverts just because they knew how to charm during an interview. Dan Pink mentioned that the ONLY question you can ask during an interview that is a predictor of how the person will do on the job is:  “What do you know about this company?” That’s likely a good question for introverts. :) Also, I felt affirmed that INTROVERTS LOVE THE INTERNETS. They chatted a little bit about how it’s basically made life easier for introverts, and that is so true. I don’t think my business would be as successful if I had to do all of it face to face or over the phone!! In fact, I most often haven’t even spoked with prospective students on the phone before they show up at my door for their first lesson.

So what do you think of this tweet????

susan cain tweets


An interesting thought. I do think there are often some major disadvantages for introverts, particularly in the workplace, but also in the church.

Sorry, I’m totally fascinated by all of this. We always have scintillating dinner conversations after I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts. Kevin said he might start asking that question when he interviews people, and, in light of recent evidence, we may have decided inconclusively that Kevin is an ambivert as opposed to an extrovert like we previously thought.

What are you lifting/listening to/reading? 


Nature’s Refrigerator


snow puppy denver

Pippa is NOT a fan of snow or cold weather. Even when I take her on walks, she gets cranky and starts balking. The bad news is that she (or Boyd) tore up her little pink fleece jacket!! Boo. She has crazy cabin fever!

boyd bear snow

Boyd Bear, on the other hand, loves to romp in the snow. When I call him to come in, he hides way down the side of the fence. He knows I don’t want to traipse through the snow after him.

boyd dog in a towel

His punishment is that I make him sit wrapped up in a towel for five minutes when he comes inside. He’s just dying to go rub his ears on my bed or the carpet in the back bedrooms.

I had a LOUSY week at CrossFit. One of my worst. Just one thing after another. Handstand push-ups almost made me cry (I had to do 30 wall walks) since I couldn’t do them with 2 ab mats. I made a mistake in a workout and forgot to clean the bar multiple times. (I just cleaned it once, and then did the jerks). I didn’t realize my mistake until the workout was almost halfway over. I couldn’t rx anther wod because of chest-to-bar pull-ups, so I had to do them jumping. And then the workout was “easy”, and nothing makes me cranky like an easy workout. It just was NOT my week. Yeah, a little whining ,but it’s a good reminder to put things in perspective. And this will be a better week.

concept 2 rowing challenge holiday

The good news is that I’m halfway through the holiday rowing challenge! On Saturday (following a LOUSY wod at CF), I rowed 10,000m without getting off the rower! Now I’m convinced that I can row a half marathon. I’m sure I’ll try it on a whim sometime. Rowing is good in the cold weather too!!!! :)


But today started a new week at CrossFit, and I was raring to go!!!! We worked on dead lifts in the strength portion of the wod, and I hit a pr of 2 reps at 235lbs! Holla. I cross my finger as I type this, but it felt “easy” — so I know I’m getting close to 250. 215 and 225 were cake today. Another day they might not be, but on fresh Monday legs… yeahhhhhh!! I wasn’t even dizzy or out of breath. If I had more time, I would’ve tried one or two more!! Oh well, a pr for another day! I was so proud of Kevin too because he did 335lbs! 100 more than me! His bar looked sick. Loaded with plates!!!!

Today’s wod:

amrap 7mins
9 deadlifts @ 155lbs (~65% of 2 rep max)
15 kb goblet squats @ 35lbs

I scored 4+2. Done. Good start to the week!! :)

In the Games this year, the ladies had to lift 265lbs x 5 at the beginning of one of the wods– followed by weighted pistol squats and a handstand walk. Okay, that’s definitely humbling!!

wet books

The other bad thing that happened with all of the cold weather is that some of my books got wet!!!! I am sooooo sad. They were too close to an old window. It hasn’t been this cold since we’ve lived here so it’s never happened before. Of course, it had to affect a bunch of my faves. I learned my lesson!!!!

pesto ground turkey salad

And tonight’s dinner. I got a little crazy and deviated from taco salads. I made a little pesto and mixed it with our beloved tri-color coleslaw. I was trying to recreate the awesome salads from the Slotted Spoon. It turned out pretty well – not 100% paleo because there’s some cheese in the pesto, but that’s totally fine. The meat is just basically ground turkey with garlic, Italian seasoning, and some pasta sauce.

The only good part about cold weather: 

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 11.57.43 AM

I love the Diet Coke Facebook Page. I think it’s the best page out there, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Kevin and I always say this so it was funny to see it posted. Apparently we’re not the only ones.

What’s your favorite part of cold weather? Trying to embrace winter (yay Deidre!!) even though I’m a total hater (yay Joanie!!).

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Wifey Wednesday: Our Love Languages Venn Diagram

Something funny happened last night which inspired this sudden burst of mathematics (and aren’t Venn Diagrams the only truly useful form of math?????)**

love language venn diagram

Haha. So we don’t keep Diet Coke stocked in the fridge any more. It’s just not the best option (although Mayo Clinic says it’s not likely to hurt you in moderation. Moderation stinks). We dutifully drink our water, at least on weekdays! But Tuesdays are pretty long days for both us, and we both had the same idea to pick each other up a Diet Coke!!! Awwwaa… so sweet!

diet cokes love language

So we actually ended up with 4 bottles of Diet Coke!! (Obviously, we each bought one for ourselves too!!!). Sometimes it’s the little things that show true love!!

What’s something small you do (or could do!) to show love to your spouse?

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**Okay, so it might come in handy when you’re trying to count bumper plates as well!!

From The Box Is The Best

Kevin and I went on a Friday 7AM Starbucks date!!!! It was only like 15 minutes, but it was so fun and a great way to squeeze in some quality time while he’s working so much. He was looking all handsome for work. I went in full bed head, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to go out in sweats!

Last night we went on a LATE date night to Park Burger — we love that place! I always order the El Chilango burger on greens, no cheese, add bacon. A little picky, but they never bat an eye. This is Denver after all. Although I’ll never forget the time they got it wrong and offered me a milkshake to apologize. Really? I don’t want cheese/bread, but you think I want a milkshake? Hahaha.

Okay, maybe they’re not so far off, because I did want brownies:

dark chocolate ghiradelli brownies

Okay so brownies from the box are the best!! I’ve made some pretty awesome homemade brownies, but Ghiradelli mixes are amazing. And they were on sale 2/$5!! By the way, the only reason we were at a store that actually has “real” brownie mixes (not Sprouts or WF) is because I am on the prowl for those stinking pumpkin spice English muffins!!! WHERE ARE THEY! HAS ANYONE SEEN THEM!?!?!? I got them last year over in Greenwood Village, but I haven’t been able to find them at Safeway, Target, or King Sooper’s!! I’m even out of the habit of eating English muffins at all, but I want those!!!


I noticed that Kevin lurked awfully closely while I was making the brownies. He was after the bowl, of course!


A little spill caused some drama! THE DOGS WANT CHOCOLATE. We don’t let them have it, of course, but they get wild!

diet coke in the skinny can taylor swift

I also bought the skinny Taylor Swift Diet Cokes!!! The skinny cans!! SO CUTE!!!! Could you resist that cuteness? Okay, I could. But it seemed like a good time for a Diet Coke.

Alright, let’s talk for a second about what I did in my CrossFit box yesterday. All great things come in boxes. Hahahah. Thursday is my busy-busy day for piano teaching so I can’t go to any of the afternoon/evening classes. However, on Wednesday night, some of the coaches invited me again to go to the competitor’s wod….. Of course, I have to immediately protest that I’m not a competitor, but they still encouraged me to come. Let me preface this by saying that our box is relatively non-competitive, in my opinion. We’re not cranking out Games athletes. That’s one of the things we really like is just that it’s a very beginner-intermediate friendly environment. So I decided to go, but I was so nervous. I was afraid that I wouldn’t know anyone or that I would be the worst person there. Of course, it turned out great. I knew absolutely everyone, and they were super nice and happy to see me. I told Kevin it was actually kind of weird, no one even commented that it was my first time there and they acted like I belonged. AWWAAA…. I FIT IN!! Haha. Unfortunately, the competitor’s wod is 1.5 hours, and I had to leave at the hour mark to meet a student back at home.

We did 2 x 1000m rows, and I got 3:47 (PR!!!!!!!!) and 3:56. Rowing makes me lose the will to live. The meters just tick by so slowly. But I was the first (of two – lol) girl to finish! Yay. And no one beat me by more than ten seconds, so that’s okay. The only reason I know that is that our head coach came in and made the losers do burpees in between rows. Haha.

Next, we were on to power cleans and rope climbs. I got to try the rope climbs for about one minute before I had to leave. It’s probably for the best since I wasn’t wearing my rope climb socks. I’m surprising myself that I’m so excited to try again as soon as possible! I’m usually really chicken to try things like that. CrossFit is getting to me!!! Slowly chipping away at some of my prissy ways. I was so disappointed to leave early, but next week I’ll be on vacation so I can go again and stay the whole time! Yay!!!

What food do you think is better from a box than homemade? Of course, if you are trying to eat clean, it’s probably for the best that it doesn’t come from a box, but it’s Friday, and we’re not thinking about that right now! I would also have to say mac ‘n’ cheese although I haven’t had that in a very long time. And I guess ICE CREAM sometimes comes in boxes. Also, I like OREOS better than most cookies. Even my Cookie Fridays. Seriously. Especially the Birthday Cake Oreos. See, you can’t get me started talking about junk food. :)

Have you ever climbed a rope?! That was my first try ever! Kevin got to try even more than me at the 7PM wod. I was so jealous.

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Boyd & Pippa’s Best Sunday Ever

waggin' trail elk meadow park evergreen

We decided to take our little dogs out on a little play date today! We’ve hiked at Elk Meadow Park a few times, but we’d never gone across to the bark park. I Googled dog parks in the area and decided that was the best one. Totally worth the drive!!!!!

waggin' trail elk meadow bark park

We started off with a little hike on the Waggin’ Trail. It’s just a little bit beautiful there. :)

pippa bark park evergreen

Eventually we made our way to the fenced-in areas where the dogs could play. The area we found was actually too large!! I was nervous about letting Pippa off-leash in there because she isn’t great with recall, and it could take a really long time to actually find her. Thankfully, there was another smaller area attached. With grass! So fun in a dog park!!

racing pippa

Haha. Isn’t Boyd’s photobomb hilarious!?! Pippa and I had fun running around together with her off-leash. I could more or less keep up with her going up the hill, but she totally lost me every time going down!

elk meadow open space bark park fenced in area

It was an awesome space to play with the dogs in, and really quiet! Even on the weekend!!!! Pippa loves to socialize and race with other dogs, but Boyd is really an outcast. Haha.

boyd wanted to escape

Boyd actually managed to squeeze out of that gate once because he could see a water bowl through the fence. Haha. That dog is always thirsty!!!!

boyd's crazy long boykin tongue

Maybe it’s that long tongue!

boyd bark park

Yay water!!!!!

16oz diet coke can

I had this awesome tall Diet Coke can on the way home. Something about the 16oz was just so appealing. And it did not disappoint!!!!!!!!!

dogs passed out in backseat

The dogs totally passed out in the back seat. It was hilarious!!!!!! We can usually never get Pippa to even sit down in the car because she’s so excited, but she was out cold!!!!!!

sidewalk showers for the dogs

The dogs were FILTHY when we got home so it was time for some sidewalk showers!!!

paw with arrow

One prissy dog I know of spent the entire time valiantly trying to keep at least one paw dry!!

boyd is not impressed

The dogs were not the least bit impressed that we made them wait outside for a while to dry off. Talk about unfair!!! They really like to dry themselves off on the carpet! :)

Hope your Sunday was the best ever too!! Boyd and Pippa say good night!! 

Hyperpalatable + Fitmixer Update

How cute is this leaf that fell out of my ponytail after my little jog with Pippa today?

I guess I ran underneath a low branch!

Okay, so I was probably walking and reading emails. :)

I got going a little earlier to the gym today so I could avoid the lunch break crowd.

I just have to say that I now OWN the 30lb kettlebell. I can swing that thing around all day. Or at least for 25 minutes! I was proud of my progress today because I was flipping through my own DIY WODS and noticed a posting where I bragged about using a 20lb kettlebell. Ha ha ha. And do you know what? I own ONE lonely kettlebell — it’s 10lbs. Hahaa. I always look at thing and wonder what I was planning to do with it. I had no clue at the time I bought it because I had never used kettlebells before.

Today’s WOD:

25 minutes AMRAP

I used a the 30lb kettlebell for each exercise except for the stand-kneel-stands. I substituted 2 15lb kettlebells racked on each side because it was too awkward to have the 30lbs all on one side.

My score: 4 rounds + 4 jump lunge to box jumps!

I did a slow mile on the stairs (playing with my phone), then biked home to walk/jog it out for a mile with Pippa.

So I really love the Bolthouse Farm yogurt dressings! They are making me actually start to LIKE salads. Haha. This one is the Caesar Parmigiano, and it’s amazing! I tried it with some tri color cabbage slaw as my first course for lunch! Clocking in at about 70 calories, this bowl would make a great snack! I think I might even eat it at night!!! Lol. It’s cheesy!!!

Rounds 2 & 3 were leftover Pumpkin Paleo Chili and, of course, Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries. :)

So my little brother sent me this article about schools banning Flamin’ Hot Cheetos! I’m not going to discuss this in a serious waySadly, as a teacher, I have to agree that they probably aren’t the best thing for kids to eat! I was actually introduced to them by my students when I was student teaching! And I did get addicted! I am not exaggerating when I say that I lived right behind a convenience store, and I would buy flamin’ hots and Diet Coke there every single day. So I would definitely agree that they are hyperpalatable. Okay, I mostly just liked that word. I was also kind of addicted to McDonald’s for a while when I was going to a different college in Minnesota. I haven’t had McDonald’s or flamin’ hots in a really long time, but my mouth still tingles when I think about flamin’ hots. I’m serious. Haha.

As a side note, Kevin and I are trying again to cut way back on Diet Coke. We did really well for a while, and then Kevin was traveling and I was home alone. So we were both stressed. And drank it!! Doesn’t that sound horrible? Well, we are just trying to not keep it in the house. It works better for me because I don’t even have the temptation of pop machines in the office!


I wanted to give you a little update on my Fitmixer boot camp experience!

As of yesterday’s weigh in, I’ve lost a solid 5 pounds!!!! I’m kind of shocked. Almost a pound a week! I know some of you are curious about doing the Fitmixer boot camp (the next one starts Jan.7!!)  so I’m going to tell you what’s up.

The #1 thing for me has been that I have logged my eating for 37 days straight with a manageable goal of 1600 calories per day. If I do some sort of a crazy workout, I tack on 200-300 calories. I also add some on the weekends since I usually never take 2 total rest days. My mood can’t handle it!!  One of the most helpful things for me is that I know that I will be accountable on Monday morning when I have to submit my weight!!!! I sort of follow the meal plan – with the exception that I don’t even come close to meeting the fruit requirements. I’m not crazy about fruit and would prefer to double up on vegetables. Okay, let’s be real, I’d prefer to double up on carbs!! Haha.

A lot of people have raved about the workouts… I have to confess that I haven’t really been doing them. I do my own thing instead. I don’t want to say they’re too easy for me…. but they kind of are. They are all bodyweight workouts — which are AMAZING — but I’m used to doing some lifting! Also, I’m used to doing more advanced versions of moves like burpees (I do them GPP style). I also really struggle with boredom in the slow pace of some of the workouts. Not all. I’m not ripping them. I think they’re all amazing. I just don’t have the patience level and attention span! However, I have enjoyed some of the tabata and deck of cards workouts.

That said– the workouts are AMAZING for someone who can’t make it to the gym. Also, you could certainly modify the workouts to a more advanced level. I’ve done that a few times, but I really have a tendency to throw the baby out with the bath water!! Lol.

In my opinion — GO FOR IT!!! If you’re considering doing it. The whole boot camp is a SWEET deal because (I think) you mostly only pay at-cost for the products you receive (protein shake, slim shake, and two aminos)… those things are taking up half of my pantry right now! And I love them all.

Are there any foods you find hyperpalatable? Basically any chips or fries!!! Diet Coke.

What did you eat for school lunches? I was home schooled! I ate whatever my mama made. A lot of Midwest meat & potatoes!