Easter 2014

Hope you had a happy Easter celebrating with family & friends!

church2.jpg(photo of our church via)

We started off our day by celebrating with our church family Christ’s resurrection from the dead, conquering sin & death (John 20). I am so blessed by the way our church celebrates so loudly and joyfully while proclaiming the gospel.

easter dinner 2014 jim

Next up was the huge Easter dinner. On the menu: ham, roasted sweet potatoes & apples, salad, and brown sugar & bacon waffles. Plus the best carrot cake ever (it really is, I’ve made it at LEAST 10x) and Rickaroons (paleo coconut macaroons) for me!!!

easter best family pic

A family pic of the 4 of us!!! It’s a miracle!!!!!!!

escaped dog

Only one dog escaped while we were trying to take family pics!

outtakeTrying to tame the wild dogs!!!! They are extremely uncooperative during family photo time. But this was a pretty big success… no accidents from Boyd even. He tends to get very excited when we pose him… Haha. And Pippa just looks sullen. Oh well.

i still you pippa

I still love you, Pippa. But you gave me a fright!! :)

with the in-laws easter 2014With my (fabulous) in-laws!

my crossfit bffMy CrossFit BFF also came over for the day!! It was so awesome having her, and it felt like she just part of our family! It’s fun seeing each other in clothes that aren’t sweaty. #notinnanos

 last but not least

Last, but not least, my little brother came over from college to spend the day with us!

easter with my brother

I didn’t even tell him what to wear!!! :)

We spent the afternoon playing Quiddler (my mother-in-law as always!), going for a walk in the park, drinking a lot of coffee (me), and eating a lot of Easter candy (them). My house is still a little messy, but it was worth it!  We had a wonderful time.

And now back to work!!! Have a great week!!

P.S. I’ll be updating my 21DSD page soon…. 

Sugar Bakeshop + Other Cakes & Bakes

I’m only a week behind, but bakeries are too cute not to share.

Plus I feel that it’s in keeping with the spirit of my New Year’s Resolution.

bakery sugar bake shop

I saw online that this place had paleo muffins so I was curious to try them. When we pulled up, I realized it was right next door to a CrossFit gym. Aha. That makes sense.

sugar bake shop iced coffee muffin

Paleo muffin fresh out of the muffin + iced latte! Kevin loved his nutella muffin as well.

sugar bake shop denver

It was super chill even on a Saturday – love that.

easter sunday

Easter best with my sweet new friend, Vanessa.


We celebrated the resurrection with a beautiful service at church before heading out for a church picnic. I got a little sunburnt!!! Ooops!!

too much chocolate cake

I spent the end of my weekend baking — Deidre’s famous Too Much Chocolate Cake in little mini bundt pans (so cute — found them at World Market). A little pre-celebration for Vanessa’s birthday this week.

I didn’t end up making a big Easter meal at all, but I made these (grain-free) Magic Cookie Bars — kind of a Seven Layer Bar kind of thing. They turned out really well! So well that I apparently didn’t get a picture before Kevin ate them all.


After school today, I came home and made No-Bake Cookies for Cookie Friday!!! We were at the bottom of the barrels with our sunbutter and earth balance coconut butter so I ended up with two empties! Best Day Ever for the dogs!!!!!

Last but not least, I got Kevin some of the best Easter gifts everrrrr including this book:

underwater dogs

Underwater Dogs — I put it out in my piano studio area and trust me when I say that this is a book that appeals to anyone!

Yeah… we’ve still been going to CrossFit. It hasn’t been pretty. Kevin just got home last night from a work trip to Madison and we are thrilled that our big plans for this weekend are stay home and do nothing.

What’s the last thing you baked? Apple Streusel Egg Muffins. Mmm.

What’s your favorite dog book? Anything where the dog doesn’t die in the end!!!!! I also really want the Maddie On Things book!


My Spring Break Bucket List

So I’ve been working at my new job for 2 weeks… and now I get spring break!! HOORAY!!!!!! But the joke is on me because it was snowing on my way out the door!

Unfortunately (sort of), I still have all my piano students next week… none of them seem to want a day off. I would have taken it off, but  I didn’t want to take another week off after I just took one in February for our vacation. Although, I have to admit it sort of melted my heart to see an eight-year-old boy cheering that he still got to come to his piano lesson during spring break. :)

pizza public pizza denver

Takeout from Pizza Public

Kevin and I channeled our inner college kids and kicked of spring break with PIZZA. He’s not on sb — he actually has a super busy week at work. Boo!

My #1 goal for spring break is definitely to sleep and cuddle the dogs more. Seriously. I have like no voice from talking for about 12 hours straight every day… and about 8 of them over children and instruments. My throat is rebelling.

pippa throwback

Throwback from last August of sweet Pippa C

And the poor dogs have been neglected. Except I think Boyd definitely loves his dog walker more than me, and Pippa is always exhausted on the days they go to the dog park!

#2 Try CrossFit. Haha. We are. We’re going to two Foundations class this weekend because we have no time in our normal schedule to go to the regular one. Wish us luck… we had to do something because I haven’t been really working out at all (unless you count standing & dancing all day + commuting on foot). I needed something structured for me, and Kevin agreed to give it a try with very little coaxing so that must be a sign. Plus Bob Harper says it’s cool. We have a box that’s close to our local Sprouts so I see this working well. Not sure we’d choose to afford it if I wasn’t currently working two jobs, but I’m hoping it’s a good choice for now. Plus I think it’d be a good place to meet friends. Yeah, I’m still convincing myself if you didn’t notice. I’m not totally sold on it, and I know I’ll be super annoying if I start drinking the kool-aid. Wish I lived closer to GPP.

Just to even things out… I’m going to bake a cake! Maybe Funfetti Oreo Stacks? I also want to try this PB2 + TruWhip frosting idea. Sounds genius.

crossfit cupcakes

A little of both can’t hurt.

Choose some paint  colors. The back two bedrooms are next on our line up to be painted. I’m having a really hard time choosing, and I REALLY want to wallpaper (hello spoonflower) at least a little something, but perhaps just the front closet.

mint paint colorsI have a raging new obsession with minty colors (more on the green side obviously than the blue!!!). But I also really like emerald. I probably have to paint the kitchen green due to some unfortunately colored countertops so I’m not sure I want green overload in the back of the house.

Read & write blogs. Workout whenever I want. I miss it 2PM workouts and snacking in bed while reading the internet!!

Plan some fun things to do with my friends when they visit next month. Including some stuff for them to do while I’m working — they booked the trip before I was offered this job. Bummmmmer. Any thoughts on where I should send them?

amy deidre corrie skatingThese girls! Hopefully it will be nice & warm by then.

Do some serious lesson planning + plan a recital for my piano studio. It’s worth it to be ahead, trust me. And I do really enjoy the creative process of planning. my deskI thought this was a funny corner of my desk — just the essentials — coffee, water, chapstick, lysol wipes, and my recorder!

See also: spring cleaning — A Floor-to-Ceiling Guide to Spring Cleaning. Or at least tackling the current layer of dog hair!

And, most importantly, observe Good Friday & celebrate Easter next week!


I’m really thankful we have spring break during Easter week since I know not every school does!

Do you have a spring break? If not, what’s the most fun thing you ever did back in the day when you did have one? I’m the lamest spring breaker ever. I lived in the DR for 3 years and never once went to the beach during spring break! I stayed home twice and went to Minnesota once. Haha. What can I say — being around people constantly wears me out and I need a little down time. :)

Easter Sunday @ Red Rocks + Family Portraits

We woke up verrrry early this morning to head over to Red Rocks for a special Sunrise service. Later we learned we should’ve gotten up quite a bit earlier! Hahaa. We got stuck in crazy parking traffic, and ended up standing in the way back actually behind the amphitheater. I had a hard time believing how crazy packed it was that early in the morning!

We couldn’t hear all that well, but we definitely enjoyed the music and the sunrise part of the celebration.

To give you an idea of how far away we were, this is what we could see after the mass exodus when the sermon finished. People were trying to beat the crowds because they knew the traffic was going to be insane!

Can you see that itty bitty choir — wayyy down there? They could really belt it out though! We couldn’t see anything at all during the first 3/4 of the service.

It was about a .75 mile hike back to our car (yeah, you know I measured that!) so we got an extra mini workout in!

Kevin whipped up some omelets for our breakfast when we made it home around 8:30. And then, let’s be honest, we took a long nap!!

Sadly, I couldn’t wear my Easter outfit to the service (freezing… rough terrain), but you better believe I put it on ASAP when we got home. It’s the Afternoon Sunshine Lace dress from Ruche. It’s totally comfy, and I loved it for Easter!

I forced the boys into doing an Easter photo shoot with me while dinner was in the oven. Kevin’s so nice putting up with this annoying little habit of mine!

Collaborating with Boyd took a little extra bribery, but we got him in there. Blurry and all. That dog can’t still!! For such a lazy dog, you’d think he would be able to!

I’ll tell you about some of other fun weekend stuff later!! I have to go soak up my last minutes of the weekend with Kevin. I’m leaving for the DR on Wednesday so I’m trying to bank some quality time!! :)

Have you ever gone to a sunrise service? Or Red Rocks? It was my first for both! I’ve been wanting to workout at Red Rocks, but I’m afraid of RATTLESNAKES. I shamelessly Googled it the other day and read about lots of encounters with snakes there.

Did you get a new Easter outfit? I hope you at least wore something in pastels. Haha. :) Sadly, I never got any bunny ears for Boyd.


And Then Comes Spring: The Colorful Edition

Rainbow Slush

Rainbow slush made from Wal-Mart ice pops!
Ice Pop Rainbow

DIY from Wendy in the Sunshine State.

Bunny Butts Bunting

Just in time for Easter! From psitsinthedetails, but you could definitely DIY.
Pastel Layer Cake

I know somebody facebooked this to me this week. Most likely Kristy. This particular version is from Mariola’s bilingual cooking therapy blog.
Summer Breeze

Ready for the summer breeze.
Tulips in Holland

Tulips in Holland. This reminds me of my parents. Their anniversary is coming up, and they went on a bike trip together on their honeymoon to Holland, Michigan. So sweet. Except for the biking/camping part.
Hula Hoop Rug

And just in case you are looking for something ridiculous to do, please weave a rug out of recycled t-shirts using a hula hoop.

Have a colorful day!