Apple-Raisin Bread Pudding in Ramekins + Pinhole Press

How I missed my ramekins!! I came up with the perfect compromise last night! My favorite dessert is my madre’s bread pudding. Kevin loves apple crisp. A lot. That’s right, I remixed them together.

I diced up one Honeycrisp apple (that’s where the awesome Honeybear sticker came from!) and divided it among four ramekins. On top of that I put the oldest, nastiest bread I had. I just ripped it up and stuffed it on top. A quick Google of my blog reveals that bread was from SEPTEMBER 21, the day I made some super gross French toast, but there was no mold!! However, I didn’t even have to toast the bread. It was that hard.

Next, I mixed in some raisins. I whisked together two eggs and approximately a quarter cup of skim milk and poured it over apple/bread combo. We finish by drenching the whole thing in cinnamon & brown sugar. Yum.

Ahhh… I was so happy to be in the elevator ALONE! I hate riding in elevators crowded with strangers. I’m far from claustrophobic… I’m just shy. And why don’t people have the decency to look distracted by their smartphones? Instead they make idle chatter about the weather or stopping at every floor. Blah, blah, blah! :)

Snacking at my desk wasn’t so simple. I’ve told you guys before that my desk is in an EXTREMELY VISIBLE area. In fact, someone visiting the building the other day was championing for me that they need to give me an actual cube. Being a hallway dweller is actually worse than being a cube dweller. I promise! I just needed a snack! But it was so noticeably crunchy that I had to eat it super slow. Maybe I should’ve just licked out my garlic Sabra hummus. You know I wanted to! :)

Speaking of salty snacks…

This article from Fit Sugar broke my little heart… What 100 Calories Really Looks Like: Salty Snacks

I always feel so well-behaved because I rarely give in to sweets, but salts have their consequences too! I could fit more chips than that it my little fist! Haha.

I got some VERY EXCITING MAIL. My wedding thank yous from Pinhole Press! They are stunning. I love them so much I want to thank myself. Lol. I want to show you, but 10 out of my 12 readers were at our wedding so they’ll be getting one in the mail. Later!

Last day without internet! I’ve been hanging out in the clubhouse again so I can plan recipes for all the baking I have to do this weekend. It’s LOADS of baking. Very festive fall baking. Be excited.

Also, I bought Kevin’s first gift for the Advent mini-gift chain!  Only 3 left to find! So fun!

More Ramekins

*Mini Apple Crisps

*Healthy Greek Yogurt + Blueberries Broiled Dessert

*I want to try this —> Carrot Cake Minis. Her colorful ramekins rock! I think I’m going to start collecting them! I need some bigger ones too!



The Office

First! Happy 4 month anniversary to my husband! I know you were looking forward to a sappy marriage diaries post, but I’m going to save that till my next day off! It’s tough now that I have a day job!

I wasn’t exactly dreading my first day @ my new job, but I definitely wasn’t looking forward to it! I tried to keep things positive and left my slippers by the door to keep me cozy the minute I walked in the door. I don’t know why I was planning that far ahead at 6AM!

If only I could’ve set  a timer for the fireplace too! I was chilly this morning!

Of course, we had to walk this little furball before breakfast! He’s lucky he’s cute! I probably wouldn’t walk with the boys in the morning except that I am trying to prove that I am responsible enough for my Vizsla!

Work outfit! I love this animal print shirt I scored at TJ Maxx in Roch. It has this cute little gather that’s hard to make out in the picture, but trust me – very figure flattering!

My office is on floor 12. Isn’t that completely insane??? I’ve never worked above floor 2 in my life. I seriously want to do a disaster drill. I should probably check out what natural disasters are possible in Colorado. That would probably have been helpful prior to my earthquake experience in the DR. I thought it was a tornado… you can take a girl out of the Midwest…

Can I just tell you a few things about my job? It’s my blog, right? First, this sounds like complaining, but I’ll just try to relate the facts. Ok, it’s a little disappointing that my “cube” area is totally on like the little end cap. The older I get, the more antisocial introverted I get so I like a little space to try to surreptitiously practice my office yoga. And there’s not even a decent drawer to text in! Haha.

Secondly, it’s easy. I was all auditing away this afternoon. Seriously. They unleashed me and my red pen, and there was a flurry of productivity! Yay! I like that. I love being busy. It’s so funny because  when you’re a teacher, you’re thinking please Lord, just let me sit at my desk for two seconds without someone asking for a Band-aid. And now, I’ll do anything to get away from my desk. I feel more out of shape already!

Through a series of unfortunate events, my husband totally abandoned me on the first day of us working for the same company. He was busy after being gone for a week, and he had a business lunch on his calendar that he had forgotten about. He redeemed himself by bringing me Subway & buffalo pretzel crisps, but I ended up walking most of the way home.

On the way home, I got distracted by something shiny sweaty! There’s a big gym between our office and our apartment so I decided to check it out. I would love to have a gym right there because I know I’ll always be waiting on Kevin to get done with work, and I’d like to do something productive. The gym was okay. It was PACKED after work, and they don’t offer very many classes. But they did have plenty of cardio equipment, and Body Pump which I’ve been curious to try. Ugh. They totally lost me when they introduced me to one of their trainers. She asked me what my goal was, and I told her I was interested in slashing a few pounds to make me a faster runner. She tried to tell me that I was wrong, and that I needed resistance training to make me stronger and that would make me faster. I don’t trust trainers. I’ve worked out with two and on both occasions I have both bulked up and gained weight. I just have one of those bodies – I guess I could be a bodybuilder if I was into that kinda thing. I told her no thank you as kindly as I could. One of the super peppy membership mongers sensed my mood and steered me into a different direction. I will say that membership is very affordable… Maybe… Convenience is definitely key for me in choosing a gym. I would hate a 10-minute drive to the gym because that would be 20 minutes wasted that I could be working out. Or blogging. Haha. :)

Kevin & I shared a Honeycrisp with some cheese before heading to our new apartment’s gym. My eyes were CRAZY SORE after looking at numbers and computer screens all day so I needed a little boost. I didn’t notice until the end of the day, but the whole glasses/reading combo gave me a nasty headache.

I ran 5.10 miles. I’m not sure of my time because the stupid treadmill stopped and reset when I went to get a drink. Even though I managed 43 miles during vacation week (that half-marathon really helped), I still felt lazy and even got a side ache! I haven’t had one of those in a month or two! If not more!

We had a delicious dinner, but I’ve gotten crazy wordy so I’ll save that for tomorrow!

What’s the highest floor you’ve ever worked on? Schools tend to be only a few floors so that’s probably the reason.

Any tips for staying active in the office? I like to walk to the printer for every single copy I make. And I’m a temp. I make a lot of copies.

What are you priorities in looking for a new gym? Treadmills. Group classes. Location.