4 Miles & 5 Tangents

I rocked it tonight!

4 miles in 29:17 @ 7:19 pace!! Holla!! I was going to do a little trial run for the Fourth of July race. But then I decided I shouldn’t do the race at all since it’s $35, and $70 for 2. But I’m glad I got a timed 4 mile in anyways.

During our walk & talk last night, we found some awesome abandoned office furniture.

It reminded me of Mary! She’s always seeing the most hilarious furniture when she’s out running!

That pasta looks weird. But it was lemon & basil pasta topped with grilled chicken!! I used nonfat Greek yogurt which I think would have worked fine except that I cooked it far too long. Too many projects going at once!!

I grabbed a Zevia Cola when we are Whole Foods today.

I also had a mortifying incident in the parking lot where I thought I was walking side-by-side with Kevin. Nope. That was a totally random strange man in a gray t-shirt. I was looking at my phone and walking VERY close to him. I don’t think he noticed until Kevin called me like,”Hey sweetie! Where are you going?” Lol. I blushed. And then Kevin giggled about it the entire time we were in the store!! It’s not my fault! I try to stick close to Kevin when I’m looking at my phone so I don’t get run over! It makes good sense really.


For his birthday, I got Kevin a set of these organic gourmet spices from the Dell Cove Spice Company on Etsy. I got to choose 8 flavors, and I mostly went with ones like Jalapeno and Habanero because they’re Kevin’s faves. They also had ketchup (ew),  beer, and County Fair Dill pickles. So fun!

Currently watching:

North & South!

We decided to try something more modern than Anne of Green Gables… this little gem is a 2004!

Totally Random, but:

Love that Chalene Johnson (TurboFire girl) is glitter painting her dining room!! She would paint with her hair all flowy and down like that too. Love her! :)

Would you glitter paint your wall? Yes. Or polka dot.

Are you taking any extra days off this week? Crucial question since the 4th is on a Wednesday – worst of all days. We’re not, but mostly because we’ll be off next week with moving and my family being in town.

How do you like to top your popcorn? I loved those little tins!! I always like cheesy and spicy flavors the best.

Have any July goals to share? So far so good with Just Jot It July. Also, Sylvia is doing a great link-up here.

Illustrated Cotton Tape

Spotted & adored in lilla lotta’s Etsy shop:

One of the things I love about Etsy is the little bios the Esty craft elves write about themselves. For example: LillaLotta’s is happily kept by Anna Barrow
Living in a sleepy little village in the South of France, with her large noisy family of five little children…..

Doesn’t that just make you want to buy her cotton tape with Paypal, wait for the mailman buy your door, tear open the box, and hug it?! According to the marriage books Kevin and I have been reading, that’s totally a girl thing. We’re all about relationships, blah, blah, blah. It wouldn’t hurt if they give me like a 5/$25 deal. I’ll always fall for that trick too! I’m an advertiser’s dream come true!

P.S. Today was “dress like a celebrity” for Elementary Spirit Week. I, of course, took this to mean a jeans day. I asked my students for suggestions on who I could say I was, and the vote was “Kim Khardashian.” They thought it was perfect because she’s newly engaged as well. I had to have them help me practice how to say her last name since I never watch tv, but I’m proud to say that i spelled her surname correctly on the first try! Picture to follow. I know you can’t wait!

Put a Ring on It

(via welovepictures)

Here’s our ring bling from Etsy, of course. How did people get married before Etsy? We selected these lovely, rustic looking rings from Tinahdee’s shop because we are just that earthy. Except that we got them in yellow gold because I’ve succeeded in teaching Kevin James that it’s “better” and “more classic.” Kevin’s is going to be inscribed with something sweet. Mine is not. You’ll have to ask him to see what it is if you’re curious. Can’t wait to start on a new ring tan line together! :)

I’m off to church for my second-to-last week at my church here. It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet…

My Dream Chairs

Okay. I’ll admit that might be a bit of a stretch because I had NO IDEA that I had dream chairs until I came across these today on decor8.

I’ve been a lifelong fan of mismatched style chairs. À la Friends:

These are like the 2011 Etsy version! Available on from namedesignstudio.

You just have to pay to ship them from Turkey. No biggie! We were looking to update from the bachelor futon, right Kevin James?

In other news, my bread pudding went over famously at the bridal shower. A little too famously. I only took home one piece which I promptly devoured while standing at the kitchen counter.

This afternoon I ordered some baby gits and my future MIL’s birthday gift. I wish I could show them here because they are AWESOME, but my biggest stalker is one of the recipients…


Wouldn’t this be gorgeous in my front porch?

Aha! These are decals. I didn’t realize that. I’d seen them around the internetz. I didn’t know there were cool decals.

I also really like this one since I’m a hopeless romantic.

I still really love this (also for total homebodies – I just crafted that into one word. Go with it):

Let’s Stay Home print available from ashleyg on etsy.

Why I Love Google Docs…

That title was just to get nerd traffic.

I kid.

I have just been so happing lately to click that little Google doc and see my updated RSVPs. So far there have been no heartbreaking denials. Just sweet little messages about how excited people are! Hooray!

I definitely suggest using an online RSVP. The instant results are very gratifying, it saves money, and let’s face it – people have the internet! I don’t think there’s a single person left on my guest list with dial-up (the last to go were definitely my parents), but just in case, we also included a phone number.

In case you’re interested, here’s the template I used and put on the (lame) Google site. I called it “lame” because it did not cooperate well with my initial attempts to use a custom url. That may have been a user error…

Speaking of customized: I’m such a sucker!

According to the super awesome blogs I read, I just had to have this hanger customized with “mrs. kreisel.”

Do you like customized things? What’s the coolest customized thing you want/own?
I’ve gotten a few customized Christmas gifts from students, towels, make-up bags, etc. I rather enjoy it. And in just a few short weeks, I will have that awesome hanger.

Hooray for engagement chick bliss!