WOD Genius + My Dogs’ Favorite Foods

Well, I should probably be fixing my blog.

Switching up my blog is basically like making bread pudding. I always lose steam half way through (or 1/4!). If only my mama was here to finish things up! :)

Isn’t this puppy sweet? Pippa and I see him nearly every day when we walk around the corner. He’s just small enough that he can peek out us while barking and wagging his tail frantically. Pippa kisses his little nose! Isn’t that sweet. She’s super gentle with smaller dogs… even the dachshund down the other street who attacks her!

Today’s WOD:

I didn’t feel like working out today. Pippa and I waited alllll day to go running after my last piano student. And it started raining. And it was cold. And we were just not fans of that.

So we went home. I did a round of the FitMixer boot camp….  I liked the Everest climbers, but I have a thing for timed workouts or challenges.

And then I remembered I had downloaded the WOD Genius app the other day on a whim. You can input the equipment you have on hand, and it will generate a random workout for you.

Best parts? It comes with a timer, and there are video demonstrations of each exercise without having to YouTube every little thing!

I did 4.5 rounds + 2 Supermans. It was fun! And harder than you think when you’re doing AMRAP!

I would say the app is definitely worth $1.99 (especially if you have gifts cards from buying a new Mac!). It is a little buggy and closed down on me a few times, but not during a workout or anything like that. Just if I was switching screens a ton.

Ohhhh! Check out Boyd’s James Bond bowtie tag! The dogs hate it when I workout at home. They can hear me jumping around in the next room, and it just kills them that they’re in there. I have to chase them around the house for a while afterwards to make up for it.

I also like to tease Boyd with his #1 favorite “food” — SWEATY SOCKS!!! I can’t help it. It’s just so funny. But I have to be careful. Boyd waits for Pippa to distract me before making his move!!!

I also had something else the dogs were extremely interested in — can you guess what it is?

This is the one food that they chase me around the kitchen for.

They will do anything to get it. They will follow it wherever it goes.

I’m surprised I didn’t get my finger snapped off!

It was the BACON — of course! Yeah. My dogs are not vegetarians. Actually, I think Pippa would do well on Paleo. :)

(If you haven’t seen the Boykin Bacon picture… you really need to!)

I whipped up a batch of pumpkin pasta similar to Janetha’s recipe, but subbed bacon for sausage since I didn’t have any on hand.

Boyd’s top favorite foods:

  1. Sweaty socks
  2. Bacon
  3. Sweet potato SKINS (if I’m peeling baked sweet potatoes)
  4. Dirty paper towels
  5. His own hair balls
  6. Tennis  balls (he really tries)
  7. Peanut butter jars

Pippa Cordelia’s favorite foods:

  1. Bacon
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Dog treats
  4. Bread crusts
  5. Dog food

They certainly don’t take after their mama. Sorry, but bacon and peanut butter would be nowhere to be found. Here’s my list…

Corrie Anne:

  1. Diet Coke
  2. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
  3. French fries
  4. Frosting
  5. Avocado
  6. Bread/toast/English muffins
  7. Pancakes

I’m not saying I try to partake of those things… but if I was dog — those would be my top scraps. Lol.

Time to hang out with the little nerds.

What’s is your dog/pet’s favorite food? I really don’t try to feed them human food that often. I’m just a super messy cook.

If you have a blog, do you DIY it or do you have  help? Totally DIY… unless I need a spreadsheet. Then I can get a little help from the household COO.

P.S. Thanks friends, for the positive response on yesterday’s post on prayer. I always hold my breath for a bit after I post something like that, but I just felt strongly that I should share. You can expect similar “thoughts” posts in the future. :)

red hot ranch slaw

Red Hot Ranch Slaw & 2×2

Here’s a fun salad idea I came up with the other day!

Red Hot Ranch Slaw (for 1!)

  • 1 cup broccoli slaw
  • 1 cup spinach (chopped)
  • 8 red hot blue chips (crushed)
  • 8 cherub tomatoes (quartered)
  • 2 TBSP Bolthouse Farms yogurt salsa ranch
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Shake it!

MyFitness Pal says 178 calories, 7 protein, 7 fat

Great snack/side!


I KNEW running to the gym would be just as fast as biking!!

My bike tire is a little low on air… I don’t really excel in the skill set required for remedying that. So I ran to the gym! I KNEW I could run there almost as fast as a I bike. I think it takes me at least 12 minutes to bike!! Haha. But that tacked on an additional 3.78 miles to my day! Oh well. I took it pretty easy since I had already run a 5k with Pippa C.

At the gym — today I swapped out my boot camp workout to do a little GPP.

2×2 – via GPP

Complete as many reps as possible in 2 mins of:

squats (backside must touch 15 inch target)
kettlebell swings 25/35
bench dips
biceps curls 15/20

REPEAT (once)

My results:

Overheard at the gym: “Does ANYONE like burpees?”

Haha. Yes! Although maybe not at the end of that list. And prior to another 1.68 mile run home!

Blueberry snack!

And almond butter snack for the dogs! I felt bad because the jar was glass so I couldn’t give it to them to play with!

Oh Boyd got a turn too!

I knew you guys would think I was ripping him off! :)

Coconut-Almond Chicken Stew with Cilantro – minus the fish sauce (yuck)! I used unsweetened almond milk instead of chicken broth and a teaspoon of coconut oil to replace the olive oil. I also reduced the almond butter a little bit.

It was the perfect dinner. Until Pippa started puking. I think she’s adjusting to her new dog food. :( Stew isn’t too appetizing after cleaning that up! Okay. I still ate it. And I have to say that it was super fillingI wasn’t hungry for a bedtime snack! That never happens.

The Boykin just wants to go to bed. He’s just like his father. Come 10PM, and he’s scratching at the bedroom door, wanting to hop in bed!

What’s your bedtime? I’m always curious about this. I’ve never been able to sleep much before midnight. No matter what time I have to get up for work! Even when it’s before 6! Night owl. Kevin has been known to start yawning at 8:15! Pippa falls asleep at around 9, but has a second wind if Boyd is traipsing about. Boyd stays awake a little bit later, but gets cranky!

Four more days of summer!

Late Birthday Mail Rules!

For once, the UPS ring at the door wasn’t music books for my piano students!

It was a belated birthday gift from my sweet parents!!!!

Cute workout tank!! I put it to work almost immediately!!! Late birthday mail is always so exciting… and on-time birthday mail is so nice because you know people have been thinking of you! WIN-WIN! Although, I almost always send gifts late, and that just means I was thinking about you LONGER. :)

After a leisurely morning, Kevin wanted to hit the gym since he hasn’t been able to bike to work recently. I can never say no to the gym!! Ever. I even talked him into doing a mini strength workout with me. I saw this WOD over on blondeponytail.

21-15-9 reps for time of:

  • Dumbbell Squat Jumps (15 lbs. dumb bells)
  • Kettlebell Swings (1 pood or 32 lbs)

I was going to say RX!! But I guess my kb was only 30 measly pounds. Kevin and I finished in 4:34. I am not good at guessing how long workouts are going to take!! I promised Kevin it would be less than 15 minutes! Haha. I still felt like it was a tough workout! I did all the kb swings unbroken, which is good for me when I’m working with 30lbs. I tend to wimp out and start doing lame sets of 10-12! I don’t want to put it through the mirror after all!! :)

Lately Kevin has been motivated to do some of his own weightlifting. I think it’s because his legs are getting so ripped from biking. He wants to make sure his upper body matches. Awwaa… we mostly had the gym to ourselves because most people actually do something on Saturday afternoons. So we had a blast!

I rode the spin bike for 4 miles. I am the worst biker ever. Maybe if I practice in the gym, I won’t be so whiny when I’m biking with Kevin James. I also randomly did a mile of stairs, practiced my high box jumps, and did a few burpees and lunges with a 25lb plate. Just kind of casually. It’s my day off from boot camp workouts so I didn’t want to get too crazy. It’s just always fun to play around when the gym is super empty!

I was out of chip’ns. And somebody was taunting me on Instagram… so I had to get more.

2-for-1 at Sprouts!! Hooray!! I got those and Kevin got Red Hot Blues (also 2-for-1). BEST DAY EVER!! I was in such a better mood after I workout. Today, I realized that Saturday afternoons is always when I feel a little “blue.” Saturday is the day I usually put of my workout….  It all makes sense now. Haha.

By the way, the white cheddar Chip’ins pair well with SALSA!! Especially the good salsa we got last week at Whole Foods. Yum!

We also dropped by Petco to pick up a crate for pooooor Pippa. She needs it for while I’m teaching piano as well as to help her with some of her bathroom issues whenever we’re not home. But while we were there, I found something else perfect for her:

A pink dog vest with a furry hood.

Don’t worry, there was something for Boyd too:

I’ve said in the past, that a perk of being a mom someday will be the jogging stroller workout. Now I don’t need to wait! And Boyd’s a little chunk! :)

When we got home from the store, a GENIUS SALAD IDEA occurred to me. Kevin grilled some burgers, and I made this salad on the side. I’m going to perfect that recipe and share next week, my friends. It is wonderful. And Kevin loved it! And not even in the – okay, I’ll eat my vegetables first to get them out of way- way!

Time to go make some tea! I finally convinced Kevin that I will like tea (he says “you’ll have to drink it either way – ha ha) and bought some chai. That’s good beginner tea, right? I’ll let you know…

Are you a tea drinker? Give me your best tea suggestions! I went past ModesTea today — maybe I’ll need to drop in!

How shall Boyd & Pippa dress for Halloween? We don’t typically “celebrate”, but I need an excuse for the dogs to dress up. Wouldn’t Pippa be a killer ballerina??? Although it’d be fun to dress them as a famous couple too.

Do you send birthday cards/gifts on time? Not as often as I’d like!!! :)

Waiting for Our New Life to Begin (No More Homework!)

As I write this, Kevin James is finishing up his very last homework assignments!

When he is done, it will be the FIRST TIME EVER since we’ve known each other that one of us hasn’t been working on a graduate degree. Isn’t that crazy?? I had already started mine when we met, and he has been plugging away on is MBA for the past 2 years! Who will be the first one to start another class/degree/certification? Who knows? You know I think that you can never be overdressed or overeducated!

Yesterday was our 14-month wedding anniversary. Yeah. We mini celebrate every 24th. Always looking for a reason to celebrate. I made up this little poster to hang in the garage for Kevin to see when he got home from work. It was a painstaking effort. I printed those letters out and cut them out. I’m FAR from being able to sketch out letters so it was really my only legible option. Then I washi taped those letters on with some tape we had leftover from our wedding invitations.

The moment was kind of ruined by the dogs escaping, but it’s still up. And I make Kevin comment on how cute it is every time we pull into the garage.

Thank you to Di for correctly guessing the movie quote (“you gave me a fright!”). It’s from The Parent Trap! The Lindsay Lohan version. One of the very first movies I ever remember going to!!! We’re not a really a movie/tv family. The first movie I ever saw was The Jungle Book with my aunt and uncle. The Parent Trap is the first movie I ever remember seeing with friends. In Winona!! Little did I know my future husband was living there!!!!!

I had a few old bananas hanging out on my counter so I decided to make Tina’s OMG Pancakes for breakfast.

Love the way the house smells all morning after I make pancakes.

We decided to go to the REI Starbucks today. It’s probably the second closest Starbucks to us. The closest one is more devoted to the drive-through and doesn’t have much seating. REI people are so outdoorsy. It’s a little much for me. I was wishing they had a Starbucks in Lululemon instead!! Much more practical. :)

I tried to keep myself out of the house this afternoon so I wouldn’t bug Kevin. I ran the dogs (Pippa-3, Boyd .36) and hit up the gym for a WOD.

(sumo dead lift high pulls, situps, walking lunges, burpees)

Do you get that? The EMOM burpee is going on at the same time as 40-30-20-10 reps! So the faster you go — the less burpees you have to do! That’s some powerful motivation. I finished in 18:34. I loved that workout! It was so much less tempting to take breaks knowing that it would just cause me work so I was pushing myself!! Super fun!!! Now that Kevin is done with the MBA, maybe I can coerce him into doing some more WODs with me!

Saturday is our day to eat up random odds & ends. So after the gym I had a very late lunch of a sandwich and homemade sweet potato wedges. I used up my supply of Alexia fries for the week!! Lol.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

What’s the first movie you remember seeing in theaters? Jungle Book. :)

Do you prefer going to Starbucks or a more local coffee shop? I do really love Starbucks. Plus the last time I went to a different coffee shop, I got so flustered about not remembering how to order a “medium” rather than a “grande.” Haha.

pullup bars wod

I Found A Pull-Up Bar + Thanks!

Whoa! Hello! First, I have to say thanks for the overwhelming support on my big, sole-baring post. Don’t expect me to get so personal TOO often, but your thoughts and encouragement were wholeheartedly appreciated. Even my father-in-law chimed in. How sweet is that??  For some reason I was afraid to hit “publish” because I thought I might get some negativity. Nope. Thanks for keeping my corner of the internet a positive space!!!

Guess what? Kevin finally made it to work on his bike! With his MBA wrapping up, he had a little time this weekend to put the bike together:

How hot is he in THOSE SILVER SHOES!!!! Hahahaha. If I was a biker, I’d glitter them!!! He left a bit earlier, but it really doesn’t take him much longer than it does fighting traffic (it’s only 15 miles, but that can be a lot during rush hour)!

After Kevin left, it was time to get the dogs up!

Notice how one is horizontal and one is vertical in the mornings?!? That says something about their personalities!! Haha. Boyd used to routinely lie in bed until 10AM or later. He’s been getting up a bit earlier with Pippa C. around because he’s afraid he’s going to miss something!

I was so proud of Pippa because this morning when I went to put on her gentle leader, she literally slipped her own nose right into it! We are not accustomed to cooperative canines!

We ran about 4 miles together before stopping at home for some water. Why? Because I found pullup bars at a park nearby!! Hooray!!! That calls for a WOD! I made Pippa go back with me and hang out by the bench because every time I leave her home alone she has an accident. Worked like a charm!

Today’s WOD:

(burpee broad jumps, jumping pull-ups, air squats)

I did have to pause once to get Pippa to chill out after a dog went past, but it was all good. I felt like a total nerd doing jumping pull-ups… but who will the nerd be when I can do REAL ONES?!?!? Plus GPP says it’s the way to go, so I believe it. Haha.

In between workouts, I grabbed one of my favorite Fages.

Mmm Mmm… and trust me. I made lunch ASAP when I got home. But I haven’t been bothering to take pictures of my sweet potatoes & leftovers lately.

Tonight’s dinner was an effort towards PaleOMG’s Sweet Potato Enchiladas. I did kind of a sketchy job preparing the sweet potatoes, but it still turned out fabulously. But it got really hot in the kitchen with two burners, two dogs, and the oven going!!!

Uh oh… I have a little complaint to make….

Does this shoe look pink to you!?!?!

I see pink edges… They definitely sent me the condensed grey when I ordered condensed pink/white. It even says so in my confirmation email AND on the packing slip. The packing slip has some blurb about part of my order being out of stock but says nothing about grey shoes?? That was the only thing I ordered. Sigh. Yes, I buy shoes almost completely based on looks. That’s why I was afraid to stray from my beloved Nike. And this is how they repay me??? Lol.

I know this is not a REAL problem, but I don’t know what to do. I know if I try to exchange, it’s going to take weeks! And I’m already seriously overdue for new shoes. My current ones have many holes. But I don’t want to spend the next three months looking at my feet and hating on them. I will totally do that. I don’t doubt it for one second. Haha. If they were going to mess up, at least they could have sent me green. Grey?!?! Boo.

Let’s stop complaining and have a picture of a puppy:

What a sweetie pie!!

If you’re a blogger, what’s the scariest thing you’ve ever posted about? Stay-at-home-wifery. Moving to Denver. NOT moving to Mexico.

What would you do it my shoe situation? Cry me a river, right? But running shoes are important!!!


Saturday Success

I conquered the next highest box!!!!!! 24 inches!

It’s what all the cool people do on Friday nights.

I’d been gunning for that box for a while, and after Thursday’s workout, I KNEW I could do it. I did 150 jumps on the 18-inch box, and I got so tired that some of them were so half- hearted. I was barely even trying and still clearing it easily. I still made Kevin come stand over by me for moral support. But I didn’t make him hold my hand like I did the first time I tried an 18er.

Because Kevin is a most excellent blogger husband, he suggested taking this picture with the smaller one to compare my progress. There’s only one higher. I’m already convinced I can do that one too, but I’m in no big rush. I have other fish to fry. Like double unders.

Who says instagram is a waste of time? I was inspired by trainerbob! I did it in honor of his birthday today. Tina from CNC also recently posted about how she made it up to 35 inches. Always room for improvement, but I’ll revel in my 24 for now!

That cute little tongue is what woke me up this morning at 5AM.

Yeah. Pippa Cordelia decided to wake me up by licking my mouth. I screamed!!! And I had to be a responsible parent and let her out. A little later, I took her on her first run. She did pretty well, but we definitely have some leash training to do! She actually escaped out of her collar at one point! I freaked because, unlike Boyd, she can actually run faster than me. THANKFULLY, she was distracted by two big dogs barking behind a fence so I was able to snag her right away. She’s getting all new (PINK) stuff, but it won’t be here till after the weekend.

She is doing so well in our house. She’s a total doll and follows me around the house all day. She is absolutely heartbroken when she has to be locked in a room for some reason. I have no idea how she could handle being in a shelter. She must have hated it so much!! Pippa and Boyd aren’t BFFs yet. I have a feeling Boyd wakes up every morning and thinks she’s still here? But it’s made Boyd much more affectionate!! Hah.

I was really in the mood for some jam last night so we bought some at Sunflower Market. I think it may be the first time in my life that I felt in the mood for jam, but I was dreaming about it yesterday afternoon.

And what goes best with jam?

At least in my opinion! I’m not really a syrup fan so I love jam on pancakes. I made these Greek Yogurt & Honey Pancakes with whole wheat flour.

Kevin and I locked the poor puppies inside and ate on our front porch. Eating with two dogs staring at you can be intimidating!! Haha.

After pancakes, Kevin got to work on his second-to-last weekend of MBA homework, and I hit the gym to do this workout:


I used a 25lb kettlebell and the 18-inch box and finished in 26:30. I was really slow with the swings and squat. The 25lbs just felt so heavy today!!!! Afterwards,  I did a few box jumps on the 24-inch box just to make sure I could still do it today.

After the 1 mile run, I paused briefly to put my hair in a bun. Did you see what my hair does on box jumps? Same thing happens with kb swings and box jumps. It can be downright dangerous when I’m practicing double unders!! Oh my. But I can’t run with my hair in a bun. It won’t stay!! It’s tricky!!

Currently at home snacking on apples, PB2, and yellow chips – with Pippa sleeping at my feet.

What successes have you had at the gym/in life lately? I also adopted a beautiful puppy, in case you hadn’t noticed. By the way, a few of you asked. We think she’s a chocolate lab/Vizsla mix, but who knows for sure!

How do you wear your hair for working out? Maybe I need to perfect one of the Olympic gymnast hairstyles like the ballerina bun.

Puppy Love!

It’s been almost a year since I announced that I had puppy fever.

My time has finally come!

Isn’t she stunning? She’s temporarily named Remmy. Kevin and I took Boyd over to meet her at her foster mom’s house tonight. Can you believe she was at a kill shelter in New Mexico and was about to be euthanized?? I heard her full story, and she was seriously a day away from it. There’s a group from a shelter here that goes there to rescue dogs from a shelter there when it’s full. They just couldn’t leave Remmy behind! How could they?

She’s amazing!! But she’s so skinny! I can’t wait to bring her home and spoil her rotten. And of course, teach her some better manners than Boyd has. She’s totally house trained which is amazing, and she’s about 1.5 years old.

Still pondering the name…

She hasn’t learned to look at the camera yet, but trust me, it will be one of the first of MANY TRICKS I teach her.

All I really want to talk about is my new dog — we should be able to bring her home before the weekend. As soon as they get us the paper work, and we get it back to them!!! Soooo… I’ll tell you about the less exciting parts of my day.


Instead of my typical egg breakfast, I had some Honey Kix!

Perhaps not the best nutritional choice (I was starving all morning afterwards), but I hadn’t had cereal in forever. Or at least month!! I’ve decided it’s too expensive and, for the most part, has way too much sugar. Plus I am in love with eggs and hot breakfasts like coconut flour oatmeal.

The cereal was good though! So good that I couldn’t resist snacking on it later. Oops! Kix used to be our birthday cereal! We always had a box waiting for us on the morning of our birthday! (Mine is coming up — in case I haven’t reminded you enough yet! September 10!!!!!).

Today’s WOD: I worked out on my back patio this morning. Cranked the Shakira and got sweating! First, I practiced double unders and handstands for about 15 minutes. Then, I completed this little workout:

 (hand release push ups, dumbbell thrusters)

I used Kevin’s manly 15lb weights for the thrusters and finished in17 minutes. The push ups and thrusters were both really tough for me so I was proud!

So proud that I cried a tear of sweat.


Want to know something that’s not gross???

The guy from 32nd Treat was at our gym today!! Kevin and I ducked in for a half hour of cardio before going to meet my new puppy and we got a treat afterwards. I snatched the Almond Vanilla right away. I love that stuff. Kevin was nice and even gave me the bigger one! By the way, the Almond Vanilla is made from almond milk!! And the rest of the flavors are made with local hormone free milk from local farmers. Nice. We just saw the guy at the race on Saturday. I asked him to please keep following me around town. We got a 15% off card. I see us becoming regulars.

Does THAT thing look like a broccoli floret to you? Gross.

For dinner I had something similar to my 4 Ingredient Buffalo Chicken with Zucchini Pasta. This time with the regular instead of extra spicy buffalo sauce. The broccoli on the side was good because I could dip it in buffalo sauce!!! I spoiled Kevin with buffalo chicken pizza. I let him have it all so there would be leftovers for his lunch tomorrow, but I made him eat some broccoli too!!

P.S. I still love Boyd! He has no clue what’s about to hit him!!!!

Do you eat broccoli stems? Only when disguised in broccoli slaw. That stuff is wonderful.

What do you think I should buy first for my new puppy? Rain boots?