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Boyd’s 4th

So we totally didn’t plan anything for the 4th, and it was wonderful. It’s definitely one of those days where it’s a little weird to be around family/close friends since we’re not super established in Denver, but that’s okay.

Kevin has been raring to go with packing. I’m totally dragging my feet. So he woke up and started packing. I did my favorite yoga dvd. And then we rode our bikes to Lowe’s to get a packing tape gun!! That was my bright idea, and it ended up being a little on the sunny side. I feel SO out of shape when I’m riding bike. My little cruiser is kinda heavy, and I’m always way behind Kevin!! I quite literally can run faster than I can ride bike at times – especially when it’s hilly. It was a little over 5 miles round trip. We were planning to hit up Starbucks afterwards, but we were STARVING by that time so we went to the posh Subway instead.

Buffalo chicken sub + add avocado (obviously!). It totally sells me that Olympic athletes endorse Subway. Although I need some more cardboard cutouts of the summer Olympic athletes with that on my mind!!We don’t have any sort of tv channels or anything at all, but we’re going to try to figure something out so we can watch as much of the Olympics as possible!!!

Then, we went home and I spent a solid hour harassing Boyd.

Boydy-boo! Why do you have cake batter on your booty? I love putting stuff on him. He literally has no clue. The only reason he’s looking at me is because I’m holding a cookie.

Speaking of cookies….

I got Boyd to balance one on his nose long enough to take a picture. We probably practiced 8x before I snapped this one. I’m so proud. Boyd always pretends he has to sneeze or something and “accidentally” knocks it off his nose. Puhleez. I’m not falling for that one.

And then he had cookie crumbs on his nose. He he.

It all washed off later in the “dog fountain.” We are the proud parents at doggy fountain time. Boyd has blossomed out of nowhere, and he’s like the Michael Phelps of the hood. Seriously!! He swam at least 10 laps around, and that fountain is big. All the other dog parents comment on how impressed they are. If only they knew the reason we have to walk around the fountain with him and why he swims with his leash on!!Β  Zero people/dog skills!!!!!

He happened across an abandoned tennis ball. There were actually two. He looked like a Hungry Hungry Hippo trying to grab them both. Of course, he has zero interest in retrieving them. He’s too good for that. Dog snob!!!!

Boyd wrangling!!!

So I made a cake today… hence the cake batter on Boyd’s unfortunate booty.

Why doΒ  I always forget that I live in a high altitude until the cake is in the oven and the box is thrown away?? OurΒ  apartment smells like burnt marshmallows!!!

But check it out…

You would have never known, right?? And more of the brown crusty stuff on top for me to pick at!! That’s the best part anyways.

Around 5, I decided I want to hit up the gym today.

I didn’t wear flip-flops to the gym. Lol. But I guess that’s what I had on by the time we took a pic. I always like to give you the outtakes. I don’t know what I’m complaining about here. Someone needs an attitude adjustment today!!! Seriously just thinking about the process of moving gets me irritable while Kevin’s all Mr. Sunshine.

I needed a workout. I was trying to think of something July 4th-y? 4 miles? 1776 of something. But I was browsing around on the Blonde Ponytail and cobbled together this masterpiece.

2 rounds for time of the following:

Equipment: 8lb dumbbells & jump rope.

In case you’re not sure on some of those exercises she has some videos: woodchops, plank row with frog jump, and lawn mowers. Lawn mowers were fun!! Plank row froggers were painful!! :) I love her videos because they’re straight to the point. I know people want to tell you about form, and that’s important, but I learn best by showing!! Loved them!

I don’t have my time. :( Some slacker paused the timer to turn on the fans and didn’t turn it back on correctly. I’m guessing around 30 minutes.

Our cookout food looks gross. I don’t feel like uglifying my blog with it. But just so you know, it was burgers, fries, and baked beans. It was wonderful. :)

The moral of the story is that if you have nothing to do on a holiday, play tricks on your dog, take him to the fountain, and feed him flopped cookies. I also invented a game where I throw one sneaker, Boyd chases it and then while he’s sniffing it, I throw the other shoe at him. It sounds complicated, but it’s really fun. And he falls or it every time. I’m disappointed we didn’t get him a patriotic headband, but I’ll make it up to you guys on his birthday.

How did your pet spend his/her 4th of July? :) Don’t worry, Boyd is as happy as a clam right now. Licking his little paws.

What color would you paint this kitchen? Don’t say red. Or blue. We couldn’t help but start thinking about it when we were in Lowe’s today. I’ve actually only seen it in person once!! It’s sort of a blue-gray. I’m not a blue-gray kinda person. I keep hoping they’ll accidentally leave their Kitchen-Aid…. :)




A New Schedule

But first, let me show you what we ate for dinner last night! Oh man, we were just soaking up every last blissful minute of honeymoon vacation goodness. Kevin James busted out his manly art of grilling and made us these delicious avocado burgers:

We enjoyed spicy baked beans and our fave Pop Chips on the side. If you’re looking for them because you just CAN’T GET ENOUGH after our wedding picnic boxes, you can actually find them in the snooty organic section of Hy-Vee. Do you know they’re endorsed by Jillian Michaels? You know that means a lot to me! ;)

Afterwards, we read the second-to-last chapter of Love & Respect together. It was our first time reading it together in real life so that was pretty exciting! It was actually a really good chapter. Some of the chapters are super repetitive, but I still would definitely reccommend the book overall.

While we read, Boyd the Boykin was content to watch the fireworks out the window. The windows closed and the a/c running helped him retain at least of shred of calmness throughout the whole ordeal.

Check out this rocking coffee setup! It definitely helped this morning. Kevin James and I have been sleeping in like teenagers so today was a little rough getting up at 6AM. We planned ourselves a little married life routine last night over dinner and today was Day #1. Eventually, we’re hoping to run in the mornings, but we’re breaking ourselves in easy. Today we just took Boyd for a little walk around the neighborhood.

Boyd’s apparently used to lazing around in the mornings with us because that leisurely stroll sure took the wind out of him. Maybe it’s the psychotic pulling at the choker collar?

The face plant into the water bowl was followed by the Boyd sprawl where he just flops his entire body down and stretches out. He looks sweet and innocent, but let me assure you that he is PURE REBELLIOUS EVIL. I’ll never forget that poor Jessica Simpson nude pump that you chewed on the first day I got it, BOYD! Haha.

Afterwards, we enjoyed breakfast together and had some time to do a little family devo time. Awwwwwwaaaa…. We’re trying to get a good start carving out time for that in the A.M. so it doesn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of the P.M. :)

Here’s my Double H (Hot Husband) doing his infamous pout because he had to go back to work this morning. I asked my Mother-in-law how she EVER managed to say no to a precious face like that!!!

Finally, here he is smiling it out because he gets to come home in just a few short hours to the best wife ever. Is it obvious he doesn’t get to pre-screen these blog posts? Well, I’m off to do housewife-y things! Have a great Tuesday!

Do you think I’ll make it through the day without a nap?

Red, White, & I’m {just a little} Blue

What would Independence Day be without a red, white, & blue dessert? My sassy little sisters helped me whip this up as we enjoyed Sunday afternoon @ the McMillins. I’ve never seen anyone chop angel food cake so slowly @ Hannah Elizabeth-Rose! We didn’t use a recipe, but just threw together angel food cake, blueberries, strawberries, Cool Whip, and pudding. Poor ole me suffered quite a bit of criticism for selecting the French Vanilla flavor of pudding which my family claimed gave the dessert a yellow-ish hue. That didn’t stop them from eating it! ;)

Here’s the look my sous-chef gave me when I told her to give me her nerdiest look:

After chilling with McMillins for a while, we headed over to visit the Other Side of the Family. Kevin’s mom made us some delicious lasagna and bread for dinner, and we enjoyed a game of Quiddler with both his parents. The older Mr. & Mrs. beat us handily, but it was a really fun game!

Don’t you love how big Kevin’s ring is? It’s all like bling-bling – I’m married. I told him I love it because if anyone does a “ring check” to see if he’s married they won’t have to look twice.

Anyhow, I’m not really “blue” but I’ve been feeling pretty crummy today so unfortunately Kevin James and I laid pretty low on the Fourth. We ate some pretty lousy Chinese food for lunch (how unpatriotic) but we’re going to grill out for supper. It certainly doesn’t affect my appetite anyways! I’m looking foward to starting our Newlywed Extreme Diet Challenge tomorrow. Ok. I haven’t thought up the official title, but I’m sure it will be something like that. Think of it like the bigger and better version of Fitness Month, except that we’re married. And living in the States where you can actually get health food! Hooray! (Sorry, Megan, and THANKS for the trifle bowl. You knew I couldn’t wait to use it).

Kev-kev goes back to work tomorrow. Booooo! But I am looking forward to some massive cleaning and reorganization. And writing thank you cards. I have a very unusual love for writing thank yous. I’ve been composing them in my head continuously! :)