Evil Frosty Paws

A quick bowl of festive oatmeal before church:

We had our incredibly grueling (haha) orientation for teaching children’s church this morning. I’m so excited! Kevin and I are going to be team teaching K-3 kids starting in January. I haven’t taught a word since June, and I’m really missing it!!! I really shine with a pointer in my hand!

I was feeling bad for Boyd today. I don’t know why I never learn. As Kevin says (almost daily),”You’re sure lucky you’re cute.” Well, Boyd has been suffering a bit of cabin fever lately so I decided to take him out for a little Sunday afternoon run. I did 10 miles yesterday so I wanted to just take it easy anyways.

The path looks pretty clear where I snapped this shot, but there were some areas that were just packed down snow (& ice!!). Boyd the Boykin wanted to run in the snowbank. I KNOW he lies awake at night thinking up new ways to irritate me.

I stopped on 3 separate occasions to whitewash his snotty little puppy face. I really did it! He was being so frustrating!! I know there will be an outcry from his fans, but he deserved it!! I was actually a little nervous because he was pulling so hard in places where I didn’t really have excellent footing.

We did a little out & back course, and on the way back we started freezing. I was wearing my extremely warm Nike pants and my Lululemon jacket. I’m usually always overdressed when I’m wearing either of those two clothing items, but today was different.Β  Brrrrrrrrrr!! So I was extra annoyed by Boyd’s rebellious behavior. When I tried to wrangle him my hand would get soo cold!!

Frosty paws ;) We amazingly made it 4.36 miles without anybody getting thrown into traffic or slipping and breaking their hip.

I was mad as a hornet when I got home with him, but apparently it didn’t take me too long to forgive the evil Boykin.

I found out today how much Boyd loves peanut butter! I know this is common for dogs, but he was CRAZY for it. I was trying to move him so I could get better lighting for a photo and he growled fiercer than I have EVER heard him. There was no getting in between him and that pb!!!

Have you ever been whitewashed? I had a friend who took it upon himself to do it to me every. single. winter. Until I was like 18 or 19!! I’m glad he doesn’t read my blog because I’m sure he wouldn’t be opposed to bringing that back (please don’t tell him, Lizzie!!).

How was your weekend? Too short. Like always. Still haven’t gotten the Christmas decorations up. The 2 of them that we have.

What type of gift exchange do you do with your husband/wife? Kevin and I have been deliberating. I have a hard time limiting myself when it comes to gift buying. I always have so many great ideas!!!!!!!! We’re also trying to figure out when we should exchange them since we will be traveling to Minnesota during the holidays and we still want to have our own little first Christmas together!! :)



One of Those Mornings…

I’m tired of naming things Newlywed Diet Number ___ … so I’ve upgraded to using more fascinating post titles like the one you see above.

I loosed the Boyd Monster on the girls this morning when I decided it was time for them to wake up. Doesn’t he look like a doll on the bottom right? Really, he was absolutely wild and licking them like crazy!!!!!!!

We woke up this morning to find that the refrigerator door had been left open. The food was actually WARM to the touch. Not just not cold. Warm. For once, I was not the culprit, but I shall leave her unnamed. That was not a pleasant start to our day. I had to send the husband out for milk for our breakfast cereal and replacement chicken for the lunch I had planned for Deidre Marie.

I had to eat my breakfast all by my lonesome this morning due to all the craziness, and I let the little girlies sleep in. Cascadian Farms Chocolate O’s x2 + apples. Deidre and I practiced making some homemade goldfish crackers for her son’s upcoming first birthday bash. We’re making them in a secret surprise fun shape. Really, it’s only a secret surprise because I didn’t get any great pictures. :)

This active guy kept us company while we “worked.”