Christmas with the Kreisels (& McMillins)

Hey! We’re still traveling around, but I wanted to share a few pics with lucky you! Look forward to a super funny video post in the near future starring Kevin James!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas with the Kreisels was having a chance to attend a Christmas Eve service (complete with candles!!!!!).

Isn’t the alliteration of Christmas with the Kreisels fun? I like saying it because it’s close to Christmas with the Kranks… although I’ve never read the book/seen the movie.

Such a blessing to sing, reflect, and share the service with family!

That’s me, telling me sweet blogger husband to quit taking pictures and get back in the row!!! He totally misunderstood me. I just wanted a picture of the candle itself. I figured he would be able to do it more safely. I’m not known for my skill in juggling iPhones & burning candles! :)

One of our favorite gifts that we gave this year was to our nephew, Steven. He’s really into sharks, and this stuffed animal is actually bigger than he is. It was a gigantic hit!!

Another fun game? Tickling my nieces/nephews till they say,”Corrie is the BEST!!” Steven Fernando is especially persistent. Don’t you love that middle name? I’m pushing for my new nephew (coming this spring!) to be named Eduardo! I had so much fun suggesting baby names! Especially since my nephew is half-Mexican, and I can choose Latin names!! For some reason, they didn’t want to go with Enrique! ;) No me digas que no!!

Feel free to tell me how much you love my tights. They added a little whimsy to my boring black.

Fake moustaches = super fun stocking stuffer!!!

And this is when we discovered – in the most painfully slow way possible – that I’m the only one in the fam who can hold an iPhone steady enough not to get a blurry pic on the baby iPhone. I think we’re going to need to fashion an iPhone tripod so we can get a decent pic of Kevin and me. I’m going to need a pic to compare my neon white skin of this year with last year’s bronzed goddess look. Aren’t you proud of me for not tanning? I mean, aren’t you? We all know that I’m going to cave eventually and go for a spray tan, right? Definitely before I visit the DR…. I can’t face the ridicule!! :)

This was just a test… to see if my phone was still working with the awful pictures Hannah Banana was taking. But please, take a moment. Admire Kevin working the J.Crew. What a prepster!!! :)

My cute parents. My mom is a Christmas baby!!!! :)

We made the kids sing for the Christmas presents!! I think that should probably become a yearly tradition!

Do you THINK we’ve been skipping our workouts? Are you KIDDING me?

I think I just realized today that for every picture of myself on the blog where my hair has been washed within 24 hours, there must be an equal and opposite sweaty pic. Yuck! I totally forgot the treadmills at the Y had the little built-in fan action until I was about 30 minutes in! Oops. We totally sneaked into my in-laws’ gym on Christmas Eve to get a good workout. I ran 5.01 @ 7:22 pace + .66 more while my father-in-law was in the sauna (and he wouldn’t get out!).

More workouts:

Christmas Day I ran solo: 3.5 miles in 30 minutes @ 8:36 pace

Day After Christmas Mega Junk Food Hangover: 4.06 miles in 35 minutes @ 8:37 pace

I didn’t get a long run in this week, but I’ve had to consciously make the decision to spend time with fam instead of obsessing over mileage (and blog posting for that matter).

I’ll leave you with a cute one!

Me + My 2 Baby Sisters yelling,”Moooooooooooooooooooooooom!!!!!”  Are we identical, or what?

P.S. Doesn’t it always seem like you’re missing SOMEONE? No matter if I’m in Denver, Minnesota, or the DR!! My heart’s always wandering somewhere else.

I don’t think anyone has ever annoyed me more than Yoalba, but I still plan to name my firstborn child after her:

Yoalba doesn’t like pizza. Isn’t she weird? But she’s gorgeous, one of my bffs, and single! Haha. Please marry her so she can get a visa to visit me in the States. ;)

Just kidding. Kind of. I really miss her. I was my nerdy white brother was old enough… She’s probably going to rip my hair out if she ever reads this. But knowing my chismosa friends like I do… she will.

Are you waiting for the questions? Here they are. Answer them. Unless you’re on your smart phone. Then it’s kind of a pain because sometimes it makes you log in. So annoying.

Are you writing resolutions or goals? Just curious. I definitely have some in mind!!!

What did you eat for Christmas? We had chili for Christmas Eve with the Kreisels, and a more traditional ham dinner with my side. Also some SWEET appetizers that will be featured later.

Favorite gift you GAVE? The shark. And I gave some of the girls tiny American Girl dolls that I was slightly jealous of. And it was fun being able to give Hannah Banana an iPod Touch (we got it for freezies through a bank promotion). My shy sister is too sweet! Kelly caught her reaction below:




Married: 6 Months – The Newlywed Christmas Edition!

This is a little belated because we were packing up for our Minnesota trip (and Wabasha is wi-fi-less land!!), but I wanted to share some photos from our first Christmas together.

We wanted to have a little celebration of our own, because, well, we’re into celebrating!! So after our last day of work, we made a little dinner and exchanged our gifts.

Kevin carving our mini turkey! All white meat! I love it!

The plate was so pretty. I’m thrilled that we’re going to have leftoves after Christmas break!

For the occasion, we busted out some of Grandma Mary Kay’s china. Just two plates!! We kept dinner easy since we didn’t want to waste all the leftovers. A few potatoes, stuffing, turkey, and bread. I love to keep my food brown & carbolicious during the holidays! :)

Before we opened gifts, we did a little reading from the classic Christmas passage – Luke 2! Kevin and I also discussed a variety of ways to annoy our future children when it comes to gift opening!!

I’m still working on turning Kevn into a J.Crew model so I knew he needed this scarf desperately!! His coat looks so naked without a scarf. I literally spent HOURS scouring the internet for the perfect one. I’m proud to report that he’s been wearing it ever since!

Kevin is definitely the skilled gift wrapper between the two of us. Plus he stole the cute shiny paper before I got a chance!!!

My big gift was a Bodybugg!! I obviously NEED more electronic tracking toys for my rampant running hobby!! We’ll see how it goes. Unfortunately, I don’t have it up & running yet. I’m having a little login issue. I’m having a hard time not acting like a bratty child who can’t get their new Christmas toy working!!!

Cute little sbux ornaments. This is the ONLY gift I guessed by feeling the package. It probably helped that every time I went in Starbucks for the last two months I said,”I WANT THEEEESE!”

We actually let Boyd unwrap his own gift although we did have to monitor the wrapping paper consumption. That Boykin will eat ANYTHING!

Boyd did absolutely NOTHING this year to deserve this gift. Except looking cute & fluffy after baths. But he was crazy for the squeaky chicken! I think he already popped it. I wasn’t allowed to get him any cute puppy clothes… YET! :)

Because I have the best husband EVER, he was able to find me the Parisian Pink Lululemon Pants I’ve been loving online. Unfortunately, and I should’ve seen this coming a mile away, they looked absolutely horrendous on me in person. The pink is just NOT forgiving on anyone larger than a size double zero. But now I have an awesome Lululemon gift card. I didn’t take cash back because I wanted to atually get something from Lulu. Otherwise I have a really hard time giving in because it’s so expensive – but this was a Christmas gift!!!

My gift that was kinda to BOTH of us was The West Wing dvds. So nerdy, but so wonderful. We may finish watching them by the time our youngest graduates from college. That’s if we’re lucky.

Just for fun:

I keep seeing it pop up in my iPhoto from 12 months ago! Here’s what I was doing!

Trying on wedding gowns! That dress (above) never had a chance. I did NOT like that style of ruffles.

And trying on the dress I eventually “said yes to”! It’s hard to believe that last year at this time I was newly-engaged!!!

Happy 6 Months, Honey!!!!!!

Merry Christmas! And P.S., if you’re interested check out The Wedding Page & The Marriage Diaries!




Festive Topped Jars & Double Good News!

Today’s lame workout: Kevin and I were planning to have our first newlywed Christmas tonight so we opted to get up @ 5AM so we could be free after work. This resulted in some very sluggish legz and 3.56 in 33 minutes. It’s days like these that I choose not to calculate my pace!

I’m young and impressionable so after a month and a half, I totally love my little team of co-workers. I knew I wanted to bake them something so I was totally inspired by this You Are My Fave.

Unfortunately, I’m not that crafty, and I squander my weekend hours on long runs! :)


Yeah. He’s not talking to me. Kev-kev’s scarf came from J.Crew! That didn’t flow very well, but I had to include one of those handmade hey girls.

Anyways. Here’s how mine turned out. Sadly, no glittering.

The first batch was white chocolate peppermint dipped pretzels sprinkled with candy canes. I also added about 2 tsp of peppermint extract to the white chocolate.

The mini bulbs and snowflake tags were a Target special. For the jars, I used inexpensive glass canisters from Wal-Mart. I was looking for more of a large canning jar type thing, but they didn’t have any big ones. I had a few small ones (probably remnants of the wedding!!) that I used to create mini versions for my co-worker’s kids.

I did two different styles of Peanut Butter Caramel Popcorn. I made it a few months ago, and it turned out so well. This time the only addition I made was adding a few almonds we randomly had in the pantry.

I had to bring my little elf to work to help me deliver all the packages. They were heavy!!

And now for the good news!

I owned that test!! I was only one point below average in math, and I actually scored in the average range in science. That was shocking for me!! It must be because I brushed up on the different types of rocks!! I’m used to my higher language arts & social studies scores saving the day, but I did okay! Too bad we’re leaving town tomorrow because I have some more paperwork to do. Whatevs. I’ll do it later.

Good news, Part 2!!!

Our realtor sent us this photo this morning. Our house in Winona is SOLD!!! What an answer to prayer. It’s a big gift to us right before Christmas to not have to worry about that any more. Everything is completely signed away! We’re free!! We’re so excited. And so not ready to buy a house again any time soon until we’re committed to living in a certain place for a while!! :)

I’m out like a girl scout. I have to finish packing for our trip to Minnesota in the AM. That means we’re hitting the gym again super early. I scored a lot of sweet gifts in our little exchange tonight, but you’ll just have to wait & see.

Have you done any handmade or DIY gifts this year? Next year I plan to embroider everyone pillowcases, but this year just the pretzels & popcorn. You think I’m joking? I spent at least 20 minutes perusing feeling stitchy this morning.

What’s your good news for the day? Can’t wait to hear it!

I can’t leave without one more.

That’s hilarious. I’ve thought before — I should do a blog giveaway. But I would be extremely lucky if I got 12 people to enter. Haha. Maybe if I was giving away Boyd!