Mobility Dog

mobility dog boyd crossfit

Awwaaaa… Boyd-Bear has tight hip after all his lying around! So he decided to mobilize.

boyd tickle torture

Nahh.. I forced him to pose for that pic after he insisted on tickle torturing me with his floppy ears while I was foam rolling.

I ran a nice 25 minute 5k with Pippa this morning, and I was feeling feisty so I decided to run the hill by my house a few times.


Nothing too crazy, but it ended up being 2 miles.

Later this afternoon, I went to CrossFit… ahhh!! I didn’t know anyone in the random 3PM class. We spent some time building up to our 1-rep max for front squats — I’m still at 145, but happy with that! I actually did a “pretty” one at that weight today, so I’ll take it. Next time I want to go over 150.

And then we did this little wod:

21-15-9 Reps

  • Thrusters @ 65lbs
  • Double unders

I finished in 6:51. Those first 21 thrusters were hard. It didn’t help that I had just done a bunch reps practicing with 75lbs before I decided to back down. So I was one of the last people ready to start and still a little out of breath. Oops!!! I think it was a good time, and I was happy because I didn’t have to modify any of the movements!!!

You know what else makes me happy? FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!! I won $100 of free Reebok by doing a review on a tank top I bought a few months ago — it was drawing. I’m so lucky!! Lol.

reebok haul

LOOK AT ALL THOSE BEAUTIFUL SOCKS!!  I wonder how long before Boyd eats one.

The tops I was not a fan of, unfortunately. I’ve found the Reebok shirts to be super unflattering on me. The top is too loose on top but still manages to create some bumps around my midsection. And they’re just too long. The striped one is as long as my shorts! Pass. I love the Reebok CrossFit shorts and I LOVE the crops (more than Lulu even!!!!!), but the tops are cramping my style.

i heart park burger

Dinner tonight was at Park Burger! So delicious!! I’ve been avoiding going there lately because it get soooooo busy, but apparently Tuesday night is the time to go!

Karate Kid

And now we are watching this very important movie that I got from the library. :) Did you know I’m a huge Jackie Chan fan???? I really am. I’ve been wanting to see this since it came out… in 2010.

The dangerous nature of his stunts makes it difficult for Chan to get insurance, especially in the United States, where his stunt work is contractually limited. Chan holds the Guinness World Record for “Most Stunts by a Living Actor”, which emphasizes “no insurance company will underwrite Chan’s productions in which he performs all his own stunts”. In addition, he holds an unrecognised record for the most number of takes for a single shot in a film, having shot over 2900 retakes for a complex scene involving a Jianzi game in Dragon Lord.

And he can do handstand push-ups! He’d be great at CrossFit! :)

What’s your favorite action movie/actor? I think I’ll have to check the library for some more Jackie Chan classics. :)

Success & Soupe Du Jour

Oh hi. Today’s soup was a little too spicy for me. I got a little cavalier with my jalapeño habit.

Oh man. How did I end up with bubbling cauldron of soup? In the grocery store, I thought of the taco soup that they sometimes have at the McMillin Christmas party. I think Aunt Bonnie makes it. So I quickly looked up a recipe on my baby. This is the Weight Watchers Taco Soup Recipe.



  1. Brown meat & onions and drain.
  2. Mix Ranch & Taco seasonings into meat.
  3. Add rest of ingredients, undrained to mixture.
  4. Simmer 1 hour.

Predictably, I created a pond habitat (Megan’s second graders would be proud) with my favorite tortilla scooper chips.

Somehow I messed that extremely straightforward recipe up and ended up overcompensating for my mistakes like crazy. There was way too much meat so I added more tomatoes. The end result was a pot that would feed my entire apartment floor. Oops. Freezer? Am I old enough to be making freezer meals? :)

Today we found the elusive pumpkin!!! My exuberance really alarmed a fellow Target customer. Trust me, I ended up stockpiling a little. The disappointing part is that I can’t even make the recipe I had planned until at least Sunday since we’re going to be out fo town this weekend. You’ll just have to wait & see!

We were actually downtown to exchange my Lululemon jacket. I was so hopped up on sugar on my birthday that I acidentally bought the jacket without the hood. That just wasn’t going to cut it since that was one of its major selling points. The car ride to that part of town is so long that I needed a snack for the way home. Kevin and I sucessfully shared some peanut M&Ms. My favorite way to share M&Ms is for each person to choose colors. That way it’s kind of like the lottery. A kind of lottery that may even be acceptable in brethren circles. :)

I really hate these pink running shorts too. The only think I like is the color. Why do all pink running shorts stink? I went to the gym all by my lonesome again tonight. Kevin is tying to be studious so we can enjoy the weekend. So responsible.

I tried out this Rolling Hills workout from FitSugar.


The speeds were a little too easy so for me so I did most portions .5-1.0mph faster. I completed 4.02 miles of rolling hills in 38 minutes. That’s an extremely lame pace so if you really want to calculate it, that’s up to you! I also did a ridiculous 8ish miles on the elliptical today between my morning & evening workouts. I’m trying to keep my mileage low since we have the big race this weekend.

I’m outta here. I’m getting a jump start on Cookie Friday this week, and making them tonight. They are turning out awesome.



Crosswalks, Tunnels, & Apple Stickers

Kevin is one of those people who thinks that if you keep pressing the button, the little white walk symbol will appear faster. So cute.

Kevin almost got run over by that biker while trying to snap this photo. You’d be surprised how often taking photos as a life-and-death situation. I’m almost constantly getting run over because I start backing up in front of a restaurant to get a better photo. :)

Thought you might enjoy a close-up. That’s me trying to hold my breath to through the tunnel, but Kevin was too slow taking pictures so I was practically turning purple!

Good news! It appears the latest Garmin software update has finally solved the problem for good. I’m sooooooooooooooooo happy! There’s nothing I love more than nerding it up and looking at all the little graphs.

There’s our elevation for last night’s 5 mile run. Do you see what I’m complaining about? Every run we take starting from our apartment ends in misery!! We did end up managing at 8:14 pace – pretty good for my second run of the day. I was tired and wanted to run 10’s, but Kevin was pushing my buttons so I retaliated with a punishing pace! I will say he rocked the last hill. I high fived him.

We both tried to do a muscle pose, but it turns that doesn’t work too well in a duo self-portrait so I let Kevin steal the spotlight to soak in the glory of his excellent hill climb.

Does this make you nervous to eat out of my kitchen? Kevin found a litttttttle apple sticker hiding in his apple crisp. That didn’t stop him from eating the entire 9×9 pan. I thought it turned out gross. Looked like mushy oatmeal because I didn’t have enough apples, and I didn’t reduce the crisp component. But Kevin loved it!

Kevin, now that’s I’m posting this in my blog we’re committed! You don’t want to make me look dumb in front of my fans, right?

Our first trail race is going to the Somebrero Trail Run on September 24! We’ve agreed to not really try to “race.” We’re going to run smart. I’m extremely clumsy, and I prefer not to skin my little baby knees. I think this calls for some new shoes… :) I just chose this one for the title. Silly Spanish gets me every time. Plus there is a somebero joke that I can’t begin to explain. If you need to know, I’ll get you in touch with a nice young man named Raymundo. Haha.

Also it doesn’t hurt that there will be pancakes and coffee at the finish line. :)

What’s your workout today? Get out there and do it!!! I’ll probably do something little this afternoon. But I stayed up late last night watch videos about speed workouts, and I’m all excited about ladder workouts and mile repeats. So I think we’ll hit the nearby track for a little torture when Kevin gets off work tonight!!! At least go for a walk. It’s a beautiful fall day. Brisk walk. :)

sticker is the first thing I can remember…