Bread Baking for Slackers

It was a little before 4pm today, and I was like, daaaaaaang, my husband’s gonna need a snack in between work & softball. His Sanborn Canoe team had a game tonight at 6, and I had plans to sneak some exercise in. But there’s no way either of us could make it that long without some snackables. I took inventory of the cupboards and thought, hey, PB&J sounds nice. So I made my own version.

I used my mom’s recipe/whatevere my head change it to/with whole wheat flour. It’s a simple cup of water (I made a smaller version), two teaspoons yeast, smidge of honey, dash of salt, scant tablespoon of olive oil, and flour until it “feels right.” Here’s a similar basic recipe to get you started.

Here’s my dough, sitting pretty in front of the warm stove while I wait for it to rise. Isn’t that towel gorgeous? ;) I just like to make my readers happy. Although it’s the best bread towel EVER. You should’ve seen the ghetto beach towels Megan and I used to use in the DR!!

The shapes turned out a little weird? Hmm.. I rushed the rise time a little or perhaps I overdid the wheat/white ratio on the flour? It didn’t end up mattering a bit…

If you came home to that and that HEAVENLY FRESH BAKED BREAD SMELL, wouldn’t you be like — I HAVE THE BEST WIFE EVER!!

I have my eye on this book Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day! I want to expand my arsenal of HEALTHY baking. Although Cookie Friday is coming up in two short days!

Paddleboarding, Pantry, & Picnics

(photo via eatliverun)

I saw this photo over on EatLiveRun, and I’ve just been daydreaming about it ever since! Doesn’t paddleboarding sound fun? Especially if you could do it in a SHARK-FREE environment. I’ve heard it’s an excellent core workout which totally makes sense. I’d love to try going on an active vacation sometime. The kind where you burn of calories instead of rampantly consume them (like I did last week). However, in my mind, there is a fine line between “active” and “dangerous.” I hate dangerous activities. I just don’t see the point in putting myself in danger and risking death or worset yet… a few months without running! ;)

Yesterday, I began my first of many housewife-y kinda projects. Here I submit to you, the overflowing bachelor/wedding prep pantry! I found some of the weirdest stuff in there.

The After may seem underwhelming to you, but trust me, it’s an improvement. I had to stop on the bottom shelf because I freaked out when I accidentally bumped one of Boyd’s pig ears. Are those real pig ears? I have no idea, but that’s what my Double H calls them so I’m scared to death of touching one!

This picnic series on Oh Happy Day! caught my eye. I have a soft spot for picnics every since the wedzu, and I think it’s super romantic that Kevin James and me can picnic each year as a little anniversary.

P.S. I thought this was a fascinating article: When Women Lie About Eating to Appease Their Friends. And I’ve recently gotten into this blog Theodora @ Losing Weight in the City.