Caturday Clicks

Because we all need a break from Kevin’s birthday trilogy…

Here are some of my favorites from the week:

Ashley & Chris’s 10th anniversary shoot by Imago Vita Photography.

I wanted to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary with pictures just of Chris and I. Obviously, we adore our kids…but I wanted pictures just to remember this time as husband & wife. I’d love to do pictures each decade – to look back on with smiles and laughs. I cherish photos of my parents as a couple – the ones without my sister and I. I’d like to think one day my kids will enjoy see in photo form how giddy I still am over their daddy.

Would you do anniversary photos? We just might do some 1st anniversary photos once we get settled inour new house!

Giant game of Truth or Dare in NYC Park.

To encourage playfulness in her fellow New Yorkers, copywriter Chelsea Davison staged a giant game of truth or dare in Washington Square Park on June 9th. She left 300 cards around the park that asked people to answer “truth” questions via Twitter or perform often embarrassing “dares” in front of fellow park goers. As her video shows, a surprising number of New Yorkers opted for the dares.

Would you do TRUTH or DARE? I guess I’d have to go with “dare” since I’m not on Twitter.

I loved this Bicycle Birthday Party – Built for 2! A birthday party for twins – it included bike decorating and a bike car wash! And yes this came up on a Google search when I was looking for additional ways to make Kevin’s B Cycle birthday aventures more festive.

(via hrrrthrrr)

Haha. We’re going to be living in the Highlands, but I can joke about it. Lol.

Do you have Instagram? Or as a I like to call it Babygram. A lot of my friends have super cute kids. Lol. You can follow me – I’m corrieanne. More Boyd and more food is basically what you’re going to get.

Tassel Bracelet in Conffeti. I keep seeing these festive little accesories all over the internet, and I am in love with them.

And a song:

Cahalen Morrison & Eli West: a new-old time duo from Seattle.

Of course, I clicked this at first because I wondered about the name Cahalen. I’ve had a lifelong obssession with names! But who doesn’t love Old-Timey and New-Fangled Fingerstyle Guitar, Lap Slide, Mandolin, and Clawhammer Banjo?!!

I will confess though —  I just heard Call Me Maybe for the first time the other day, and I can’t stop listening to it.  It reminded me of my long lost Yo-Yo, and I know we would love listening to it together! What’s your favorite summer song? Favorite summer song of all time is Pinch Me.

P.S. Look a whole post without a burpee or a cookie! That has to a be a record! But I’m on my way to the gym now! :) :)

Unremarkable + 1 Impressive Feat

I wish my window looked like this…

(via Noodlehead)

I always really want to decorate for the holidays, but the time slips away. Of course, pink is one of my favorite colors so this could stay up for many months.

Today was a pretty unremarkable day for me. Still special in its own way, but fairly unremarkable. Even to me who makes a big deal out of everything! I was not in the mood to eat like an adult today so for lunch I had:

an orange


Some crispy pitas!


A huge bowl of No Sugar Added Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.

I just like to say the “no sugar added” part to make it seem slightly more forgivable. :) That was a good lunch!!

I was bumming about being at the office today because I was really hoping to be back in a school this week, but that just hasn’t happened for me (yet). The funny thing is that I can’t stop thinking of myself as unemployed, when I work 32+ hours a week!!

I was actually supposed to go to the store to get Valentine’s supplies today after work, but I just wasn’t feeling it so we went straight to the gym. Even my workout today was unremarkable. I eked out 4.25 miles while watching Jeopardy! and then I was out like a girl scout!

I turned theCaprese Quinoa leftovers into caprese pasta with broccoli! At least dinner had some actual food groups represented, right?

And I baked some bread.

I have my mom to thank for the fact that I don’t think twice about whipping up a batch of homemade bread. That’s how 6 home school kids made it through the brutal Minnesota winters. Mom’s homemade bread and Dad’s belief that “a day without ice cream is like a day without sunshine” really made childhood magical. ;)

The best part was that Kevin totally surprised me by writing a Facebook status about it. This is unusual. My husband’s not really a social network user (except for, well, when it came to wooing me — but more on that later!!). He probably updates his status every 3 or 4 months. So I thought it was so sweet that he was kinda bragging on me. Don’t you think it’s sweet when people brag on their spouses? It always makes me so happy when I hear other people doing it! So thanks, Kevi, that can count as your Valentine’s gift to me. Haha. For today.

So what was my impressive feat for the day?

After dinner, Kevin and I each had 1 thin mint. 1. That’s it. Crazy, right? True, we had fresh bread to snack on, but still. Thin mints are generally eaten in at least quads, right? :)

I’m in a giving mood, so here are some Valentine’s links that include no fitness or healthy eating tips. Although it is tempting to give you a cheesy one about working out your <3.

Those are some quality links, people. I would click them if I were you. The only reason I’m not hoarding them to myself is that I know I won’t get to them. Haha.

Tell me 1 unremarkable and 1 impressive thing about your day? This is like an upgraded version of the best/worst part of your day question.

What was your favorite link? Or link me your favorite Valentines link. Or if you don’t like Valentines, just something pink. You have to like pink!! My blog is pretty pink.


Serious Married Person

Yesterday Kevin James called me at around, oh say 4pm. The subject of his phone call?

“Honey, what would you like to pick up on the way home for dinner.”

I felt like such an old married little wife.

What actually ended up happening? He picked up everything we needed for our fabulous grilled meal – minus the baked beans. Kevin James and I can’t complete our awesome grilled dinners without baked beans so we went back off to he store. Together. We need some time away from “the kids.” And yeah, we ended up with THAT CART full of food. At least most of it looks pretty healthy, right? C’mon. Greek yogurt was 5/$4. :)

Here’s some cute/funny/interesting stuff I’ve been reading:

*The Eternal Shame of Your First Online Handle (via kottke) Mine? If I remember correctly, created at the Wabasha Public Library was
*My balance. A series this week on Cup of Jo regarding some pretty cool working mamas and HOW THEY DO IT. I don’t even have kids. Heck, I don’t even have a job. But I’d like to be able to juggle as much as these ladies do.
*Design*Sponge’s new book. That trailer got my seriously PUMPED for the book. I’m feeling an insane nesting urge now that I’m a serious married person (read above).