Grilled Corn Salad with Black Beans & Rice + Day 1 Gymless

We brought the grill back in a big way tonight. I’m all about find meatless options for grilling. Plus a lot of grill meat is the stuff I don’t like anyways — hot dogs, brats, steak, etc. I was inspired by this recipe from Eating Well to incorporate some grilled corn-on-the-cob.

I think there’s a way to do it without foil as well so you can get those cute grill marks, but I didn’t have time to get into that tonight.


  • Romaine lettuce
  • Leftover stir fry rice
  • Β Black beans
  • Grilled corn, red pepper, onion, & jalapeΓ±o
  • A few tortilla chips

The only thing I was missing was an avocado. *sigh*

Since my life is super rough, I am officially without a gym today (minus our apartment gym). Poor me.

Isn’t my neighborhood just terrible to run in?

Kevin stayed home today. I actually talked him into it. In his current class, every other week is a super heavy homework week. And this week’s the bad one. :( Boo. It was so nice having him free last Saturday!

I tried a random path and found this little crik – well, that’s what we’d call it back in Minnesota. Haha. It’d be a fun place to throw Boyd in!!

I turn around when I saw the coyote sign.

Oh my berry. That run was an eye-opener that I’ve lost some of my outdoor running prowess. Haha. I was slow. I was so slow that while I was running, I thought to myself I am not posting THIS time on my blog. But of course I’m going to. I’ll even bold it. I ran 4.15 miles in 37:23. Almost exactly a lousy 9 minute pace. In my defense, I walk/jogged/warmed-up the first mile. Mile 2 was about 8:45, Mile 3 was about 8:30, and Mile 4 was under 8. So at least we were doing negative splits here, people! :)Β  Don’t ask me why we’ve been running at the gym so much when the weather’s been decent even by my standards. It’s just convenient, especially if we’re not in the same “running mood.” Plus we have the WODs to think of. Haha.

So I’m going to get back on my game. I’ve been waffling on a 15k for Saturday morning. I’d like to do it, but it doesn’t work great with our schedule.Β  However….

So Kevin and I are thinking about running the HALF! A few months ago, I was considering doing the full, but I obviously haven’t been training for it. Actually, the longest race I’ve EVER done was the Frosty’s Frozen 10 so it wouldn’t hurt me to do a half first. The WODs have been taking away from my long runs a little bit lately, but hopefully they will make up for it by making me stronger! :) Now’s the perfect time to do a little distance running since I’m mourning the loss of our gym! :) Has anyone ever run this one? They have like every distance at the same time. It’s crazy!

One last little thing:

Is it okay that I was inspired by a 6-year-old? Cakies is one of my must-reads, and this is where one of her daughters requested to spend her birthday with her family. How cool is that? Her daughter got the idea to say in a hotel from the children’s book character, Eloise, who lives in the Plaza Hotel. You’ll have to read the whole post because it’s so adorable!

The hotel in the picture is the Saguaro in Palm Springs. I love it so much. It reminds me of my favorite children’s book – like the chic, sleek, grown-up version. I think I need to go for my birthday!

What’s your favorite hotel you’ve ever been to? I’m not really sure. I do kinda love staying at hotels though, and it was definitely a treat as a child.

Any favorite grill recipes? Especially vegetables/fruit, etc.


Meatless Greek Sloppy Joes + My Hidden Sporty Talent

Tonight was one of those nights when an extreme failure led to a new discovery.Β  I was attempting to make Greek Spinach Feta Burgers from Baked Bree, but I ended up with a mixture that could not be formed into patties of any kind. I think this may be due to the fact that I used fresh rather than frozen spinach. Hard to say. I even tried adding some garbanzo beans to thicken it up, but to no avail.

Meatless Greek Sloppy Joes (inspired by Baked Bree)

2 TBSP olive oil
1 clove garlic minced
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon dried dill
1 cup herb stuffing mix
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 package fresh spinach
1/2 cup feta cheese crumbled
salt and pepper

The above ending up all being just mixed together and put in the frying pan for about 5 minutes. We served it with this cucumber sauce:

Cucumber Sauce

1 small container non fat greek yogurt
1 small cucumber chopped finely
1 minced garlic clove
1 1/2 teaspoons freshΒ  lemon juice
salt and pepper

On top of a sandwich thin topped with red pepper + some more feta. We also had some oven-baked fries & hummus on the side!

We earned our dinner with a killer workout tonight. We finally made it to the Sports Training class. We started out with like 1000 ab exercises. We had to take turns counting 1-10. Because I have an extreme fear of speaking in public, I was actually nervous for my turn. Don’t ask me why. Trust me, I was far more annoying than that when I taugh High School P.E. I just don’t know what to do without my trusty whistle! Haha. It ended fine.

The BEST part was that we rotated between jumping rope for 2 minutes, and doing 30 second interval exercise with the trainer. I SCHOOLED that class on jumping rope. It was like my time to shine!! I couldn’t help but show off a little. I used to practice about 30 minutes a day when I went to VIP Fitness in the DR so I was so excited to pull out a rope again.I also tried to shame the other class members by jogging right over when the trainer called out “switch!” Everyone else was like… ambling. Kevin was like,”I knew you were trying to do that.” So predictable.

We got to do some partner exercises!! Lucky I had Good Looking with me or I would’ve had some stranger danger!!! Haha.

Don’t worry! I still embarrassed myself PLENTY before class. This is obviously not us but…

Kevin had been talking about the box jumps he did with the personal trainer last week, and I wanted a demo. And then, of course, I wanted to try. The box obviously was not as high as the crazy guy above is doing, but it was about knee-high on me. My first two attempts were complete body flails. Finally, I made Kevin hold my hand and gave it all I had. I made it up!!!!!!!! I didn’t know I had a crowd watching me. Of course, I had to attempt this at 5:30….. busiest gym hour ever… and while people were waiting for the Sports Training class to begin. Even the trainer saw me! She was all like,”Nice jump.” So mortifying.

Of course, I still had to get my run in afterwards. Even though I was totally wiped, I hung in there for 30 minutes and ran 3.58 miles.

I think I passed my test!!!! My raw score was quite a bit above the minimum passing score for CO, but I won’t have my official results for a bit. Predictably, I aced the English section and performed miserably in math/science. I’m so thankful I didn’t study any more. It was a total waste of time. I’ve taken four CLEP tests, and those were all straight from the book. Verbatim. I memorized the book the day before and passed them all. The Praxis II for Elementary Content Knowledge was totally random. I felt like I could have studied for months and never hit a question on the exam. I’m totally thrilled to have it off my mind though. It was stressing me for no apparent reason.

Have you ever tried a box jump? Harder than it looks. I knew I would stink because I have super bad depth perception so I get really nervous. Especially sans glasses.

Do you like jumping rope? It’s really good exercise. It’s a good thing for me to mix up with running because my body gets sooo adjusted to running that I know it burns a lot fewer calories. My body is a little too efficient for my own good! I used to watch tons of YouTube videos, and that’s where I learned all my fancy tricks. I’m not good at double jumps, but I have a few routines. :)

Have you ever failed a recipe & turned it into something else? Those sloppy joes were like… the trifle of hamburgers. You know, because if you ruin a cake by crumbling it, you can save with a trifle? That makes sense to me anyways!