Guacahummus + Counting My Chips

(File this one under The Newlywed Diet. I’m trying to learn how to post directly within that page, but I don’t have the energy to fight that out right now!)

Now, I realize this kinda looks like puke, but stay with me here. The one on the right was my version – the guacahummus. Simply one avocado + one can of garbanzo beans + some crushed garlic. Kevin’s version included garbanzo beans + tahini + garlic + green onions + cayenne pepper sauce. All you have to do is blend them up in the food processor. Unfortunately, after my meltdown the other day, I’m not allowed to touch the food processor, but Kevin’s amazing with it. :) Next time, I want to try mixing in some fresh spinach.

These statistics cracked me up:

The Daily Mail reports today that, like me, “twenty-two percent of newlyweds put on weight within a year of the ceremony,” with the average weight gain being around 20 pounds. Twenty pounds! Holy cow (no pun intended), that’s a lot. In a study of 3,000 women, some of the newly married wives said they gained weight because they no longer felt motivated by a wedding to stay in shape. Others said they over-indulged on their honeymoon, 22 percent say they no longer felt the need to impress their significant other, a full quarter admitted to over-eating as a way to cheer themselves up because they were so upset the wedding was over, and, get this, 31 percent said they overindulge because they simply don’t know what else to do with themselves now that there’s no longer a wedding to plan.

Upset that there’s no wedding to plan? NO WAY!!!! I think it has a lot more to do with the entire bag of junk food we packed for the honeymoon, the Chicago pizza, the Chinese, all the leftover fruit pizza frosting, and the Cookie Friday dough. Enter the best calorie counting app ever: My Net Diary.

The coolest part? The “scan from barcode” option lets you simply scan whatever food item you want to eat and the nutrition facts appear automatically. I love this little thing! It’s like a game! And obviously, I always have my iPhone with me, so it works like a charm! I do like that it also tracks your water intake if you want because I am awful with not drinking water.


And that’s how I started counting my Pop Chips! Haha. But if you’re careful, you can still have some of your faves. Just watch the portion control, right? That’s the KEY!

Kevin was making fun of me because this is what I had at the dinner table with me last night. Vitamin Water Zero, glass of water + Smart Water. WHAT HAVE I BECOME WITHOUT DIET COKE IN MY HOUSE?!?!?!??!!

Have you ever tried a pluot? Plum + Apricot. Yeah, that was in my app’s database too!!

I counted my chips at dinner too! There are 22 whole grain tortilla chips there!

Peaches + blueberries + Greek yogurt. Sharing a bowl of fruit with Kevin isn’t quiet as fun as sharing ice cream out of the carton!! But we did divide it up before we started eating so there would be no fighting!! :) The lines were clearly drawn!

And 100-calorie kettle corn in bed with American Wife.

And yes, I know. This calorie counting app business is just a phase. I’m going to try it until my birthday – September 10. That’s just the next notable date that came to mind. :) But it’s like a little hobby to me. Yes, I know, nerd to the extreme over here. Here’s the #1 reason I’m doing this (besides vanity, of course):

That’s some pretty significant time!!! (Chart via Runners World). Alright! Time for a run! :)


The Newlywed Diet: 7-5-11

This new part of the blog may not be of interest to all, but food is delicious and we are inherently nosy — so it won’t kill you.

A (hopefully) brief preface.

During the honeymoon, Kevin James and I ate without abandon. It was so fun! I know he’s a manly man, but let’s face the facts – I can eat him under the table. It was fun because I ate things I never really eat. You see, I like to eat junk food. In fact, I love to eat junk food. But basically, I’m all or nothing. You give me a candy bar, no matter how big it is, I will eat the entire thing. So generally, it’s just best that I don’t even take a nibble. Sweets are not my #1 thing – I’m a salt fieeeeeend! So I’ll avoid them in favor of “wasting” any extra fun calories on CHIPS!! But during the honymoon I ate monster cookies and ice cream bars and Oreos and DQ Blizzards and Old Country Buffet. The food was INSANE! It was like food heaven. But it only took about three days for me to start to get tired of it and dial it back a little. So I was really looking forward to starting our Newlywed Diet today. It’s not really a diet, per se. But I, unlike many people, am not afraid of the word diet. I think diets are kind of fun. Like a little game or a challenge. I never really gain/lose that much weight, but I like setting the goals and competing with myself.

I’m going to craft my own plan as I go along. It’s my game so I can play it how I want. I’ll go ahead and use the MyPlate as a guide:

I’m also trying my hardest to cut down on Diet Coke and drink more water. Exercise is, hands down, where I own the healthy lifestyle but I’ve been failing a bit in that area lately a well. It’s totally an excuse but I’m going to blame it on Kevin’s hamstring problems. We usually run together, so I just couldn’t motivate myself to run on the honeymoon without my honey!!! But trust me, that will be rectified! :)

On that note, check out today’s eats!

I started the morning off bright and early with some heart healthy oatmeal. I sweetened it with some Truvia I forced Kevin James to steal from the Pedal Pushers Cafe. It was then topped with blueberries and washed down with some black cafe. I measured it, but that was definitely a hearty portion for this cowgirl and it stuck with me through lunch!

For lunch I was really trying to get some vegetables in! Today’s lunch featured colorful vegetables with hummus, an open face Boca burger (the other face of the sandwich thin got stuck in the toaster), a few leftover baked beans, and some Salt & Vinegar Pop Chips. I drank water with my lunch! Aren’t you proud!?

On the way to my volunteer tutoring, I grabbed a tart little Pink Lady apple from the grocery store.

After tutoring began my downfall, because around 5pm I started to get THE HEADACHE!! I’m trying not to take ibuprofen right now so I gave in and drank Diet Coke. I don’t think you know how much I adore Diet Coke. I would really truly choose it over food. But I keep reading things about how horrible it is for you so at least I have to try. What are the odds I can trick myself into liking something gross like water!??!

When I was housewifing it up today by cleaning the pantry, I found a pouch of Chicken Curry Seasoning. So my Double H and I made some chicken, through in every vegetable in the house, microwaved some brown rice, and called it a day. It was actually seriously delicious. That curry packet was WAY spicier than I was expecting! Yum!!!

Not pictured: A few little snacky hands of Pop Chips before dinner and an additional Diet Coke (that’s 2 for today – I was going for one!) BOO!

Ok, I’m out like a girl scout to actually plan some more menus for this week. In case you’re wondering, Kevin James has to do LAME MASTER’S HOMEWORK so I have plenty of free time to blog. I’ll write more about this “diet plan” and my goals as I see fit. In case you’re wondering, Kevin James is enjoying a version of this same diet. He supplements it with whatever he sneaks at work and extra portions. So cute.

Don’t we look like we’re still on our honeymoon?? That’s what I thought. My Double H says we’re going to count the entire month of July, and what he says goes!! :)