razzle dazzle walls benjamin moore

pretty, pink, & polka dots

Look what arrived just in time for the Colorado Symphony concert on Friday night:

ban.doYes, some overpriced glittery barrettes! As a lover of the internet, I’ve been a longtime fan of ban.do but had never indulged. But the current state of my hair forced me to do it! It needs to be tamed in any way possible. So ban.do bling it is!

The concert was wonderful, and my adult student who attended with us (and bought our tickets! so nice!) really enjoyed it.

benjamin moore razzle dazzleSaturday morning — this pink got real!

razzle dazzle walls benjamin moore

The front entry area is staying vanilla ice cream, but the rest has been razzle dazzled!

razzle dazzle vanilla ice cream benjamin mooreI am so happy with the color! I love it! I’m so happy that it’s on the walls and, for once, I’m totally confident I made the right decision. It’s not purplish. It’s not reddish. It’s all pink!!! And yes, Kevin is the best for letting me choose it. But he definitely can admit that it looks good. One of our next top priorities is changing the light fixture. It’s an eyesore!!!! I’m thinking about doing some sort of a pendant light or chandelier. I’m also furniture and rug shopping. Maybe we can make some more Craigslist friends?!

Speaking of our Craigslist friends:

empanada express grill

We took them to this classy establishment on Saturday night! We were supposed to meet up at Hops & Pie, but it ended up being an hour and a half wait. No thanks. So we headed around the corner to the Empanada Express Grill. I’m so glad we did because it was a much quieter & cozier environment for the four of us to talk. Uh… best double date first date ever! We ended up inviting them over to our place to finish off those brownies and show off their settee in our pink room! Too funny, right?!

iced starbucksWhew! That was a lot of socializing for us in one weekend! Sunday afternoon, we celebrated the insanely warm weather with some Starbucks. I’m so happy to, for once, be the person looking at other peoples’ snow on Facebook!! You can keep it!!!

world market knobs yellow polkWe did a little inspiration scouting for our pink room in the Cherry Creek area. World Market is moving so they were having a huge clearance sale. We found these pretty pink polka dot knobs to replace the knob on the bathroom cabinet I broke off the first day we owned the house. I know, right? We actually bought 10 of them since we weren’t sure how many we needed, and they rang up to $6! Awesome.

So excited to walk by this:

kate spade coming soon denverYay!

We almost made it home after only spending $6! Almost!!! We decided to stop in Lululemon on the way home. But it’s not what you think!

kevin's first lululemon

Kevin’s first Lululemon, and I can tell you, he doesn’t know how to wait out for the best sale like I do so it’s more than I’ve ever spent there. But he got a sweet jacket — and he keeps explaining to me that he can wear it to work. Great!! But I don’t think I get Starbucks for the rest of the month. Haha. But Kevin gets to look like Bob Harper in all of his Lulu glory.

What are three words that would characterize your weekend? Not sure if Kevin would have chosen the same 3. Haha. Maybe he’d like to comment on what his choices would be, and on his new Lulu attire.

Praying For Rain


Prepare to see at least 100 pictures of them in 2013!

They’re so practical. They go with EVERYTHING, right? I found them for a steal at Nordstrom Rack last night, and I just couldn’t resist!!! It’s my frivolous congratulatory gift to myself for the success of my piano studio. Plus they’ll be great for letting the dogs out in the winter, right? At least that’s what I told Kevin. Yes, we have a fenced in yard. But a start droopy-eared grumpy puppy likes to eat wood chips and not come inside when he’s called.

This pink Juicy velour number was the runner-up! Isn’t it very J-Lo. I would definitely wear it on the road trip to Minnesota!! I would have never worn the matchy-matchy before living in the Dominican Republic, but now I’m tempted to embrace it!! :)

Guess what? I’m without my Macbook!!! It’s torture. I miss it so much already. And it’s a holiday! And a long weekend. But we took it in to the Apple Store today because the screen has been flickering. Boo! To be honest, I’ve had a lot of problems with it (I just got it in September!) — I’ve been shocked because I’ve had such a positive experience with Apple products. But I was just procrastinating on a trip to the Apple Store. All the way to the Cherry Creek Mall. Haha. The good news is that they’re fixing it!!! Hooray!! And it’s covered under warranty so it’s free. I’m happy I have Kevin’s computers to use, but they just seem so ugly, slow, and clunky!!

Also, do you know how many people were in that Apple Store? What are they doing in there? The mall was dead tonight (you could actually walk in H&M), but the Apple Store was packed! Do you ever go in there?

I stopped for some fro yo at Cherry On Top in the mall to soothe my separation anxiety. They’re not very generous with their sample cups there. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! But the Mocha Chip was delicious — the coffee flavor was super strong! I love that.

Kevin: “They don’t even have cute spoons here.”

Best blogger husband ever. :)

I surprised Kevin by suggesting that we make No Bake Cookies tonight! We’re both off tomorrow so we’re celebrating the start of our little Thanksgiving staycation! Oddly, I’m not very good at making No Bakes  so I asked Kevin to help. He had a LOT of practice making them in his bachelor days. He claims that the key to baking them is PRECISION.

This pb jar is driving the dogs CRAZY!! It’s larger than the average pb jar so they can’t for the life of them get their tongues down to the bottom of it. Boyd tried for at least an hour before Pippa got a hold of it!

Have you ever gone to the Apple Store? It’s true what they say-  they’re very friendly! And I was surrounded by people wearing glasses very similar to mine. They even pointed out that Kevin looked out of place without them!! Haha.

What are you doing tomorrow? Me: baking. Kevin: sanding the floor in our front bedroom. Dogs: getting in the way.

P.S. I am soo sore from yesterday’s workout!! I’m like an old lady today!!

<3 Day!

Knocking them off the list!

And doing it pink!

Today was our first time trying out the pool at our gym. It was tricky! I had a hard enough time getting my swim cap and goggles on let alone swimming!! I had Coach Kevin at my side giving me pointers (he was a lifeguard and taught swim lessons), but I ended up downing a lot of water up my nose. By the time we got home, I was super nauseated.

My sweetheart made me some Annie’s mac ‘n’ cheese in bed while I digested my chlorine. It passed after about 30 minutes, but I’m nervous about swimming again!!

I think it’s safe to say that Kevin’s a LOT more precise in his cooking than I am. Since we were away all weekend, we didn’t really have time to plan surprises for each other. Instead, we opted to make dinner together. :)

While Kev Kev was working on dessert, I tried out Crunchy Oven-Fried Ravioli from How Sweet Eats. I can’t really report on the recipe since I neglected to cook the ravioli before coating it with the crunchy stuff. And I didn’t measure a thing. Ah, well.

We couldn’t resist a little heart-shaped goodness! A mini chocolate cake for Kevin, and just frosting for me. Two knifefuls! Yum!



I love a good Peter Pan collar!

And a good twirl!

My other Valentine! :) We’re looking more & more alike, right? His curly ears are almost the exact same color as my curly mane!

Any tips for a newbie swimmer? Especially on goal setting and not digesting the water!!

Favorite type of collar? Peter Pan. Here’s a cool Peter Pan collar DIY!

Do you and your pet look alike? Just checking!

Pssst! In honor of Valetine’s Day, I started writing our How We Met story. Check it out: K&C Part 1: He’s from Winona!

Let’s Get It Humid In Here + Buffalo Chicken Soup

This beautiful pink thing is going to change my life:

Isn’t that the cutest humidifier you’ve ever seen? I think it’s going to change my life. I can’t believe we made it over 5 months in Colorado without it! I literally wake up multiple times during the night with my mouth so dry that I think I’m going to die. But I forget about it during the day – the time when normal people buy things.

This is the Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier. Kevin was nice, and let me choose pink, but they also have some other inferior colors. It’d probably make a great Valentine’s gift for someone in your life with dry skin.

I was the nice one at lunch today, and let Kevin have the good leftovers. It’s all about the give & take in marriage. ;) I had whatever else I could find around the kitchen, and it actually ended up being fairly nutritious! I’m loving the frozen broccoli I bought at Whole Foods. The bag is SO much bigger, and the broccoli pieces are perfectly bite-sized. I don’t like stems or big chunks. Haha. Picky little princess, I know. But at least I’m eating vegetables.

The highlight of my afternoon was definitely when I found a wayward Hershey’s kiss hiding behind the F7 key. That made me so happy!

I finally got a decent workout in today at the gym. 4.06 miles of stairs + 4.07 miles on the treadmill for a total over just 8 miles today. That felt good! I didn’t go too hard on the run. The 4 miles on the stairmill had me sweating like crazy, and I had Jeopardy! to watch.

I was so pumped to come home for this dinner.

Buffalo Chicken Soup (via How Sweet Eats)

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (about 8-10 oz), cooked and shredded

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 sweet onion, diced

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 tablespoon flour

32 ounces low-sodium chicken stock

1/3-1/2 cup buffalo wing sauce

1/3 cup freshly grated cheddar cheese

1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese

sliced green onions, crumbled gorgonzola and cilantro for topping

Heat a large pot over medium heat and add olive oil. Add onions with a sprinkle of salt to the pot, stirring to coat, then cook for about 5 minutes until soft. Add in garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes more. Sprinkle in flour and stir for another 1-2 minutes. Add in stock, buffalo sauce, chicken and grated cheeses, stirring constantly. Bring to a boil, then reduce and let simmer for 10-15 minutes, stirring every so often.

Serve soup and top with toasted baguettes, cilantro, green onions and gorgonzola.

We added little itty bitty noodles. Because we are carb happy. And we want the soup to stretch out for leftovers!

Served with some leftover homemade bread.

This picture is for you if you ever get confused by this blog into thinking I’m good at life because I make cookies every week or I run a lot or any of my slightly redeeming qualities:

That’s what I call my curly fry hair, guys. I know I’ve confessed before about how much I loathe washing my hair during the winter. And how it’s been noticeably tanglier since moving to Denver. So my hair just starts to get curled & crunched into place… after a few days. If I have to choose between washing my hair and eating diner 5 minutes sooner, you can guess which one wins.

And, yes, that is marshmallow creme you see prominently displayed on my lower lip.

The good news is that my skin is not that color. It’s just weird bathroom lighting. Lol.

Do you wash your hair every day? Just asking. I used to wash it every day when I lived in the DR. If the utilities were on that day. But it was always warm there, and my hair would air dry on a walk to the colmado!

What’s your favorite buffalo flavored thing? I also really love buffalo on pizza and sandwiches. And pretzel crisps. And I believe I’ve seen some recipes for buffalo mac ‘n’ cheese which I would obviously love. Don’t say wings. I don’t like yucky bones. Haha.

Have you had any Valentine’s candy yet? Several Hershey’s Kisses. But I miss the Christmas Special Edition mint ones. I wish they did a good special edition for Valentines. I only saw raspberry. That looked gross.



Unremarkable + 1 Impressive Feat

I wish my window looked like this…

(via Noodlehead)

I always really want to decorate for the holidays, but the time slips away. Of course, pink is one of my favorite colors so this could stay up for many months.

Today was a pretty unremarkable day for me. Still special in its own way, but fairly unremarkable. Even to me who makes a big deal out of everything! I was not in the mood to eat like an adult today so for lunch I had:

an orange


Some crispy pitas!


A huge bowl of No Sugar Added Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.

I just like to say the “no sugar added” part to make it seem slightly more forgivable. :) That was a good lunch!!

I was bumming about being at the office today because I was really hoping to be back in a school this week, but that just hasn’t happened for me (yet). The funny thing is that I can’t stop thinking of myself as unemployed, when I work 32+ hours a week!!

I was actually supposed to go to the store to get Valentine’s supplies today after work, but I just wasn’t feeling it so we went straight to the gym. Even my workout today was unremarkable. I eked out 4.25 miles while watching Jeopardy! and then I was out like a girl scout!

I turned theCaprese Quinoa leftovers into caprese pasta with broccoli! At least dinner had some actual food groups represented, right?

And I baked some bread.

I have my mom to thank for the fact that I don’t think twice about whipping up a batch of homemade bread. That’s how 6 home school kids made it through the brutal Minnesota winters. Mom’s homemade bread and Dad’s belief that “a day without ice cream is like a day without sunshine” really made childhood magical. ;)

The best part was that Kevin totally surprised me by writing a Facebook status about it. This is unusual. My husband’s not really a social network user (except for, well, when it came to wooing me — but more on that later!!). He probably updates his status every 3 or 4 months. So I thought it was so sweet that he was kinda bragging on me. Don’t you think it’s sweet when people brag on their spouses? It always makes me so happy when I hear other people doing it! So thanks, Kevi, that can count as your Valentine’s gift to me. Haha. For today.

So what was my impressive feat for the day?

After dinner, Kevin and I each had 1 thin mint. 1. That’s it. Crazy, right? True, we had fresh bread to snack on, but still. Thin mints are generally eaten in at least quads, right? :)

I’m in a giving mood, so here are some Valentine’s links that include no fitness or healthy eating tips. Although it is tempting to give you a cheesy one about working out your <3.

Those are some quality links, people. I would click them if I were you. The only reason I’m not hoarding them to myself is that I know I won’t get to them. Haha.

Tell me 1 unremarkable and 1 impressive thing about your day? This is like an upgraded version of the best/worst part of your day question.

What was your favorite link? Or link me your favorite Valentines link. Or if you don’t like Valentines, just something pink. You have to like pink!! My blog is pretty pink.


Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot!

Friday morning breakfast was inspired by this week’s Cookie Friday – Almond Joy Macaroons! I turned those cookies into overnight oats. Vanilla Greek yogurt + skim milk + crushed pineapple + coconut + almonds + 4 chocolate chips. Haha. I was so excited to eat it that I was making up little jingles about overnight oats while preparing it last night. :)

Oooops! I felt a little pain when I started running this morning, but I just ignored it. Turns out my left sock was soaked with blood! It’s funny because I have extremely low pain tolerance for all other areas in my life, but in running I have a surprising ability to power through. I subscribe to the “pain is inevitable but suffering is optional”, and I just crank up the tunes! I really have no idea what happened. There was no blister there? Perhaps my toenail was too long. That wasn’t even on the list of toes that have been bothering me!

The funny part? Before I took off my shoes after the gym, I called to schedule an appointment to get my nails done for my b-day! Excellent timing.

This was my green machine lunch. Avocado + romaine + baked pitas with garlic + cucumber dip + hummus + lime.

The cucumber dip was an adaptation from Joy the Baker’s Herb Yogurt Cucumber Dip recipe. I’ll try the whole wheat flatbread another day when I have some baking tools!

After an intense internet search, I settled on Cherry Creek Nail Salon. Mainly because of its convenient location near my house AND a Starbucks.

I’m going to give you a little Before & After of my nails because I know you will love it.

Band-aids & blood!

I think I should probably invest in some new flip-flops too. But I can only solve one problem at a time! :)

My nail tech won my heart by giggling over my thumbs and telling me how cute they are! They ARE cute!

We also shared a laugh when she asked me,”Can you pay now?” I heard,”Can you paint now?” I was just looking at her like, noooo, I can’t paint my nails! That’s why I’m here. Actually the whole row of ladies was cracking up. I really liked the salon, but I wouldn’t trade it for my awesome Dominican salon! I miss those girls! I mean who else is so concerned about your feet that they buy cream from a pharmacy and send it to you via another white girl. So funny!! And it’s just not the same without the telenovelas!

How are YOU celebrating my birthday eve?! I’m super excited this year. The last three years my birthday has been a super-busy school day, but this year I get to spend the whoooooole day with my handsome husband!!!!!

P.S. The title of today’s post was inspired by my nail color Opi’s Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot! I was daydreaming about my Dominican salon when I chose the color too. Every time they would ask me what color I wanted I would say,”Un rosado.” It became like  a running joke. Pink really is the best color for nails. I always regret it when I choose red. Even for Christmas.

Tres Romantic Things

I think my last post proved that I am alllll girl! Nobody would confuse me with a tomgirl. Sugar ‘n spice and everything nice.

Here are three things that tickled my fancy today!

the shadyside smock dress from Madewell

Sprinkle favors from a blogger cake party! (I would love to try that – who’s in?)

To My New Backyard (A Love Letter) from Jaime Morrison Curtis on Vimeo.

(via Design*Sponge)

And this video of a patio makeover! Those tassels? Stunning. And don’t you love that song? It’s what really won my heart into posting this! :) It’s by Twin Sister and easy to find on iTunes although I don’t like that the album title has the word “vampire” in it. Yuck.

I’m off to volunteer at a summer tutoring program at my new church. Winona Daily News did a little write-up about it this week if you’re interested. I think it’s a really cool ministry, and I’m excited to be involved.

P.S. Kevin James, that would be THE perfect dress for me to wear to the concert tonight. But I gues I would need some new shoes to go with it…. Haha. If you give a girl a pretty dress…