Snow Half Day with My Dogs!

The dogs and I are starting to experience separation anxiety.

don't leave usIf they could talk, I know they’d be saying “DON’T LEAVE US!!!” Or at least,”Do NOT make us get out bed!”

I had some students cancel due to weather-related concerns this morning so more qt with the dogs!!!

pippa is a girl's best friendPippa and I went on a nice long walk today in the snow while I talked to my mom on the phone. Walking & talking is where it’s at, people!

neighborhood friendsSome familiar puppy faces in our hood!

puddle jumpingSome serious puddle jumping required!

snowy boydBack at home with that other dog!

dumping snow on boydYeah, I definitely dumped that on his head. He likes it. :)

muddy paw printsMuddy paw prints are difficult to avoid since we don’t have indoor porches or entryways.

coffee and thin mintsThin mints + black coffee. My favorite snack this week.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 3.15.56 PM

I haven’t advertised in quite a while, but all of a sudden this week I got some more inquiries  for piano lessons. When it rains, it pours! I feel like I’ve made it now that I have to wait list piano students, right? :) The schedule rearranging is going a little better than I expected, but I will be teaching until 7:30 or 8 three nights a week + I might have to teach a few on Mondays or Saturdays. 

2 days till vacation!!!!!! I wish I could take my puppies to the beach! Boyd would probably scare off all the sharks with his grumbly growling!

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Were you ever a Girl Scout? Everyone’s favorite is (frozen) Thin Mint, right??!?

See also… Be Prepared: Girl Scout Cookie Cooking May Surprise You I want to make the Thin Mints popcorn!

Unremarkable + 1 Impressive Feat

I wish my window looked like this…

(via Noodlehead)

I always really want to decorate for the holidays, but the time slips away. Of course, pink is one of my favorite colors so this could stay up for many months.

Today was a pretty unremarkable day for me. Still special in its own way, but fairly unremarkable. Even to me who makes a big deal out of everything! I was not in the mood to eat like an adult today so for lunch I had:

an orange


Some crispy pitas!


A huge bowl of No Sugar Added Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.

I just like to say the “no sugar added” part to make it seem slightly more forgivable. :) That was a good lunch!!

I was bumming about being at the office today because I was really hoping to be back in a school this week, but that just hasn’t happened for me (yet). The funny thing is that I can’t stop thinking of myself as unemployed, when I work 32+ hours a week!!

I was actually supposed to go to the store to get Valentine’s supplies today after work, but I just wasn’t feeling it so we went straight to the gym. Even my workout today was unremarkable. I eked out 4.25 miles while watching Jeopardy! and then I was out like a girl scout!

I turned theCaprese Quinoa leftovers into caprese pasta with broccoli! At least dinner had some actual food groups represented, right?

And I baked some bread.

I have my mom to thank for the fact that I don’t think twice about whipping up a batch of homemade bread. That’s how 6 home school kids made it through the brutal Minnesota winters. Mom’s homemade bread and Dad’s belief that “a day without ice cream is like a day without sunshine” really made childhood magical. ;)

The best part was that Kevin totally surprised me by writing a Facebook status about it. This is unusual. My husband’s not really a social network user (except for, well, when it came to wooing me — but more on that later!!). He probably updates his status every 3 or 4 months. So I thought it was so sweet that he was kinda bragging on me. Don’t you think it’s sweet when people brag on their spouses? It always makes me so happy when I hear other people doing it! So thanks, Kevi, that can count as your Valentine’s gift to me. Haha. For today.

So what was my impressive feat for the day?

After dinner, Kevin and I each had 1 thin mint. 1. That’s it. Crazy, right? True, we had fresh bread to snack on, but still. Thin mints are generally eaten in at least quads, right? :)

I’m in a giving mood, so here are some Valentine’s links that include no fitness or healthy eating tips. Although it is tempting to give you a cheesy one about working out your <3.

Those are some quality links, people. I would click them if I were you. The only reason I’m not hoarding them to myself is that I know I won’t get to them. Haha.

Tell me 1 unremarkable and 1 impressive thing about your day? This is like an upgraded version of the best/worst part of your day question.

What was your favorite link? Or link me your favorite Valentines link. Or if you don’t like Valentines, just something pink. You have to like pink!! My blog is pretty pink.


Cookie Friday: DIY Thin Mints & Taste of Colorado

I’m too grumpy to talk about this week’s cookies. But I did make them. And on Friday. Next week I will not choose a cookie that requires a 3-step process when I don’t have decent cooking tools! Also, I miss my Fiesta. Everything looks so blah on these feo white plates.

I found a recipe for DIY Thin Mints on Baking Bites the other day when I was a good mood. You can check it over there if you’re interested. The finished result was passable, but not very round since I did not have a rolling pin. Also, I made the mistake of slicing the cookies to thick which caused the cookie part to be a little gross. The chocolate dipping covered a multitude of sins. There’s also a much simpler version using vanilla wafers as a base. I have no idea why I chose to do it the hard way.

Kevin was still pretty happy about them. He might not be as happy when he sees this picture in my blog. The cookies were actually excellent once they were frozen!

This evening we met up with Nick, an old friend from Winona who happened to move out here at the same time as us. Here he is eating a nice turkey leg. He tried to scare me by sticking it in my face. G-ross! The boys also both ate lamb kabobs. Yuck!

I had some nice chicken curry & naan.

I also enjoyed a mini cupcake from Gigi’s. I was happy they a booth there because their shop is in the running for the privilege of providing my birthday cupcakes.We had some extra tickets leftover so we had to spend them on a cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream cone. We shared it very nicely. That’s probably the best we’ve ever shared food in our lives. Probably beause we weren’t starving like we usually are. Thankfully the rain went away and we enjoyed the gorgeous evening while catching up with Nick and swapping stories about Winona life versus Denver life. One thing we agreed on? We LOVE all the restaurants!! :)

Have a great night! We’re meeting up with Kevin’s aunt, uncle, and some cousins for a day trip to Idaho Springs tomorrow to do some gold mining and then hopefully we’ll have a quiet evening at home for once. :)