And Then Comes Spring: The Colorful Edition

Rainbow Slush

Rainbow slush made from Wal-Mart ice pops!
Ice Pop Rainbow

DIY from Wendy in the Sunshine State.

Bunny Butts Bunting

Just in time for Easter! From psitsinthedetails, but you could definitely DIY.
Pastel Layer Cake

I know somebody facebooked this to me this week. Most likely Kristy. This particular version is from Mariola’s bilingual cooking therapy blog.
Summer Breeze

Ready for the summer breeze.
Tulips in Holland

Tulips in Holland. This reminds me of my parents. Their anniversary is coming up, and they went on a bike trip together on their honeymoon to Holland, Michigan. So sweet. Except for the biking/camping part.
Hula Hoop Rug

And just in case you are looking for something ridiculous to do, please weave a rug out of recycled t-shirts using a hula hoop.

Have a colorful day!