Snow Day! + I Haven’t Lost My Edge

I really kind of hate winter. But if you’re going to have winter, you might as well have a bunch of fluffy white snow, right?

When I got home from the gym today, Kevin James wanted to take our little bundle of joy out for a romp in the snow!

The snow as practically deep enough for the poor Boykin to drown in!

We taught him a new trick! Snow mountain climbing!

Of course, he hesitates when I call him. Haha.

The two best buddies.

Embracing the snow!

Seee, I haven’t lost my edge!!! ;) I don’t think I’ve done a snow angel since about 2007…

(In Iowa… in a studded belt!! I guess I was a little tougher back then because I was in short sleeves).

The Boykin and I! Of course, the one time he’s actually looking – my eyes ae closed! :)

Just so you can get an idea… that’s all snow we got in basically 1 day! And it’s snowed more since then!

Time to go inside!! Trust me that whole photo shoot took about 15 minutes. Lol. My mother-in-law says that I’m in winter denial with my refusal to actually have/wear actual warm clothes.

What’s your favorite snow/winter activity? Ice skating. And snowball fights. ;)

Treadmill Jeopardy & Thermostat Wars

Today’s workout: 5.17 miles @ 8:17 pace

I was ECSTATIC when I stumbled across Jeopardy! tonight while doing some treadmill miles. I don’t even think of turning on the tv because it’s always just boring sports and depressing news. I couldn’t believe my EYES when I saw Jeopardy! I’ve never had tv (except in our two temporary apartments), and the Jeopardy! airing time was usually right when Kevin got home from work. Not cool.

I was totally rooting for this girl, and she kicked the nerdy boys’ butts! At the end, I told her,”YOU GO GIRL!!!” She was seriously adorable. I was doing REALLY WELL myself tonight! Bhibha & I BOTH got the Daily Double correct because we are so awesome. I forget the exact question, but the category had something to do with Fashion Designers and the answer was “Stella McCartney.” I think the question had a Beatles reference in it that I didn’t get, but hello, she designs a line of workout clothes for Adidas. It’s not my faves of Nike/Lululemon, but it’s definitely on my doubly on my radar since it’s fitness AND fashion. As for herself, Bhiba (rhymes with diva!) works out five times a week for 45 minutes at a time, she said. “I only allow myself to read fun books while on the elliptical.” (via The News Gazette)

Kevin was running on the treadmill next to me and really loved that I screamed out all the answers (I was wearing headphones) loud enough for the whole gym to hear. MICHAEL KOHRS!! That one was so easy! I could talk about Jeopardy for 20 more minutes, but I’ll let you off the hook for now.

Diet Coke Jenga! Kevin and I were FULL of fun & games today! Yeah. We were at the grocery store again. We can’t seem to get our act together ever since we got back from Minnesota and with Kev Kev being sick. Although he doesn’t want to admit it, HE’S TOTALLY FEELING BETTER. I’m so happy! :)But whenever he doesn’t want to do something, it quickly takes a turn for the worse if you know what I mean.

This advertising totally won me over. I was all like,”THAT’S RIGHT!” Microwaves are for leftovers only. And those broccoli steamer bags. I love those things.

I really did buy those tortillas. But more for Kevin. I like my fajitas naked! :) We even managed to find a perfectly RIPE avocado in the grocery store. Wooohoo! Probably no one has been shopping with this wicked cold snap!

I was cold all day. I turned the heat up to 84 when I got home. :) :) :) Kevin didn’t notice until I confessed an hour later. He. He. He. Our furnace here is not great it warms up more slowly than our housed used to! In a tiny 1-bedroom! As I write this, he’s reading TLC message boards about how people keep their heat set.

By the by…

That tortilla advertising got me thinking of this advertisement I saw the other night while online shopping:

It’s not the thought that counts?!!?!?!!! Seriously????? I really hated that ad enough not to buy anything from their site. And, Kenneth Cole, maybe THAT’S why you didn’t get a question on Jeopardy! Haha.

How high do you set your heat in the winter? And I don’t want to hear one word from you people who live in nice places without snow!!! We change a lot, but never really below 70. Unless Kevin tries to sneak it when I don’t notice. He actually likes it to be cold when he’s sleeping. That’s just crazy!!

Do you like Jeopardy!?! Obviously. I didn’t even mention how much I love Ken Jennings. I just can’t even mention Jeopardy! without name dropping that little nerd.

P.S. Here’s a super hilarious tumblr for you: Kate Middleton FTW

Cranberrry Applesauce Oatmeal Pancakes Make Snowy Days Bearable

Today’s workout:

11 minutes running (1.30 miles) – 10 minutes of Nike Training Club Heartbreaker workout – 11 minutes running (1.40 miles) – 10 minutes of Nike Training Club Heartbreaker workout – 11 minutes running (1.45 miles) – 10 minutes of Nike Training Club Heartbreaker workout – 11 minutes running (1.30 miles) = a total of 5.45 miles and I unlocked the Cyclone badge in NTC!!

Dinner was totally and completely amazing.

Kevin’s success with the fresh cranberry sauce left me feeling a void in my life of cranberry recipes. A plus is that they seem so festive!!!!!! I was shocked when Kevin agreed to the idea. You know he doesn’t like to deviate from “normal” recipes. He did force me to make chocolate chip pancakes on the side. Spoiled!!

I don’t have the proportions for you, because I didn’t measure anything but I used eggs, skim milk, unsweetened applesauce, old-fashioned oats, Truvia, baking powder, baking soda, lemon juice, and vanilla to create these little masterpieces. Just do what feels right till the batter looks “pancakey.”

I used an old Cooking Light recipe to make the cranberry syrup which really hit the spot! It looked so good that Kevin cheated and put it on his chocolate chip pancakes. Gross.

It snowed a lot today.

Aren’t my high heel tracks darling? Good thing my husband provides curb-to-curb service! Heaven forbid that I be forced to wear practical footwear.

I can’t believe I stood outside n the cold the extra minute it took to snap this picture. Don’t I look cute in my new old coat? Kristy just sent it back to me. I used to have it like 5 years ago before I spent three lovely sunny winters in the DR where I didn’t need it!!!

Look what I spied at the grocery store tonight! Festive Pretzel Crisps?!! I said no for today, but if I was having company those babies would be in my cart!!!

Okay. So that looks gross. I’ll admit it. But totally one of the best lunches I’ve ever prepped ahead of time. I wanted to put it in the blog so I would remember it. I baked up some chicken breast (mostly because I don’t like to touch it) and cooked up some brown rice. Then I chopped up an onion, a red pepper, and some celery. I cooked the veggies in the frying pan with the chicken and some soy sauce. Finally, I added the brown rice and some leftover pineapple tidbits I had in the fridge. Toppe with coconut — it was so delicious. For some annoying reason, Kevin doesn’t like pineapple in things like this (or pizza, chicken teryaki, etc.) but I think I won him over just a little!!!!

I have it totally stuck in my head to make this DIY wrapping paper wreath from You Are My Fave! I am obviously not going to attempt this crafty project without a friend (did you SEE my handmade bow last night!) so I’m trying to talk my running buddy into it. Little does she know that when I ask someone to craft/cook with me, it’s usually because it’s something where I have zero skill and I just mean “make this for me while I watch and I promise to keep you entertained and well-fed.” I think my mom might be on to this one…  (another really cool DIY wreath made of brown paper grocery bags).

By the way:

I got my body fat tested last night as part of initiation at my new gym. Unfortunately my body fat was NOT 22.5. I would’ve taken that and run with it.

It was a whopping 26%. I got tears in my eyes when I saw that. I felt like I was on Biggest Loser on the day where they have to go to the doctor who tells them how their weight is affecting their health. My only consolation is that the trainer told me my percentage would be really skewed if I’d had a lot of caffeine prior to the test. Ha. I just finished drinking a Diet Coke, and I tend to drink a lot of coffee at work. So I want to test it again sometime in the morning.

This chart of average body fat percentage made me feel a little better…. Only a little since I consider myself fit and an athlete. Lol. Okay. Athlete might be a stretch. Haha.

The good news is that I get a free personal training session, and…. I’m SUPER excited about this. I get to meet with a nutritionist. Wooohoo! That’s like my dream. You better believe I’ll be armed with a book of questions!  I’ve long struggled with the balance of eating enough but not too much when running 40+ miles per week. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say.

Super thankful that tomorrow is Friday!!!! I didn’t take a half day today due to travelling/being really swamped at work so I’m really looking forward to my 4 golden hours tomorrow.

Have you ever had your body fat percentage tested? I hope it wasn’t as traumatic for you. I was guessing I was about 22-24 so I don’t know why I took it so hard. I had to immediately call my mom to find out what hers was because I know she gets it tested at her gym. Can you believe Kevin’s is lower than mine. I know it’s typical for guys, but sick, right? I literally try 7x as hard as he does! And I probably eat 17 fewer cookies each week!! :)

Do you have any great recipe ideas for cranberries? I need to research their healthiness. I’m assuming they have some sort of healthy super powers. You can just tell by how COLORFUL they are. I’d love to find more ways to use them.

Have you done any holiday crafting? Totally dying to, but I feel too guilty since we are still living surrounded by unpacked boxes!! Someday!

Channeling My Inner Minnesotan

I was HORRIFIED when we saw this view out our patio door this morning!

Snow before Halloween is just plain unacceptable. Plus, I can’t tell you how many times people have promised me up & down that Denver winters would be milder than Minnesota’s 8 months of frozen wasteland. Haha.

Even now as I’m typing this, I can’t believe it. Something got into me, and I  decided to go for a run outdoors!! Weird, right? I had a lazy gym run planned – Sleepless in Seattle was on tv! But I randomly decided to brave the elements.

I wore the hood up on my Lululemon jacket the entire time! I didn’t even know it was raining until I was already out there. I can’t believe how long it takes me to suit up for cold weather. I think it was about 38 degrees and rainy when I made it outside.

The sidewalks were pretty wet so my feet got soaked first! Yuck! This was my closest to an unplugged outdoor run ever. I’m sorry. I don’t love to just “enjoy the scenery” and stay in tune with my breathing, blah, blah, blah! I know that’s really good for some people, but seriously, if I don’t have my Garmin – I don’t want to run outdoors. If I don’t know how far I ran, I can’t log it, which means I might as well not even run! Haha. Don’t even ask me what the value of accumulating mileage is when I’m not even training for anything. And none of my friends are really runners so bragging rights are minimal.

But anyways, it was so cold that I wanted to keep my sleeve over Garmin. And my iPhone was starting to get wet so I had to keep it zipped up in my pocket – no song switching! That’s the closest I’ll get to an unplugged run. Even when I run with Kevin, I play music over my iPhone speakers! Seriously, I can’t help it. A little Pitbull makes an uphill climb bearable.

I can multi-task a little though! Look at the pretty leaves!

Poor snowed-in flowers!

When I finished I walked into the gym downstairs to get some water. Also to show the lazy people in the gym who’s boss. I bet that guy on the elliptical felt like a loser after he saw me – the outdoor warrior! Just kidding, but I did feel pretty awesome. Lol. I came home completely soaked. Kevin James was definitely keeping his distance, and I was just beet red from head to toe.

Here are my Garmin splits, mainly because I’m super proud of my (almost) negative splits! Mile 3 was only 10 seconds slower despite a pretty significant gain in elevation so I’ll count it!

Close enough, right? My plan when I went out the door was to run “more than a 5k.” That plan eventually turned into “run one hour.” I have no idea how my hyper little brain got from Point A to Point B, but it worked for me. I’m really proud that I broke into the 7’s during my last two miles! I think it’s because I was getting cold. By that point whenever I was going into the wind I was freezing because I was so wet.

Warning — blood ahead!

I had a little surprise when I took off my shoes. I literally had NO IDEA!

I noticed the sock first. And then I looked at my foot…..

Isn’t it weird that I didn’t feel a thing. I mean, I literally had no clue my toe was bleeding. I’m not really sure what caused it! There’s no blister. I must have just cracked the nail. I noticed that toe was ugly the other day, but it must have been really irritated today! Good thing I still have some Disney Princess band-aids.

I was starving when I got back so I scarfed two pieces of leftover buffalo chicken lasagna! I probably ate back the majority of the 828 calories I burned on my run. Lol.

Kevin is working on his final paper for his business class! I really hope his next class involves less paper-writing! I’ve been banished to the bedroom since I can’t stop talking to him. Which is why you’ve been treated with the play-by-play of my run.

Next week I actually WILL be in Minnesota!! I have no gym there so here’s hoping for nice weather! It’ll probably be nicer there than it was here today! Kevin and I are staying an entire week! I’m so excited! I might even get to go to one of my nerdy little brother‘s cross country meets! And maybe we will even get to go to Kwik Trip!!!!

Do you prefer to workout outdoors or indoors? I’m totally 50/50 on that one. I prefer to run indoors because I am naturally an indoor person. But outdoors tends to be a tougher workout. Plus I am tempted to stop less because I just want to get home. I guess if I’m alone, I prefer the gym. If I have a running buddy, I like the outdoors.

What’s the best part of winter? I’m just asking that question to cheer myself up. My favorite part is just the holiday season. I loooove Thanksgiving and Christmas!! So. Much!!

Do you like to run unplugged? No. How can I keep up the intense competition (against myself) if I don’t know my distance and my mile splits? Haha. And I just need the music. I know some people like to think, but music helps me think and work out my problems. Especially Avril Lavigne. ;)